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Welcome to the Earthworm developer web pages hosted by!

No image "ew_growth_2011.png" attached to WikiStart Note that the above graph is just the OFFICIAL Earthworm installations, there are many more rogue users that don't use an official INST_id simply because they may not need one (don't share data between other EW users). I (PaulF) personally know of a half dozen or more sites that don't have an INST_id.

Earthworm Enhancement, Bug, and Issue Tracking

Simple ticket views:

Earthworm Builds

We try and build a new update of Earthworm every year and this gets placed at CERI in Memphis and at

Note that we have incremental fixes released as binaries found in our fixes directory.

Earthworm Subversion Repository

The code for this project is now in Subversion: svn:// which is readable to the world and writable only to the Ewdev group. To grab a copy of the LATEST version of earthworm, simply install svn and do the following:

svn checkout svn://  earthworm-working

and this will create an earthworm-working directory for you with the most current version of EW.

The Contrib repository is also in Subversion: svn:// (also world readable).

Developer discussion takes place on the [Ewdev] mailing list. Please consider joining as all trac tickets get funneled there and lots of good discussion on early bug fixes and improvements.

Developers, please make sure to update the documentation and the earthworm/trunk/release_notes.working file if you make any changes to the source! Thanks. If you add a new module, please make sure to add html files to the ewdoc directory and add your module into the appropriate location in modules.html, the master module index file.

Compiling Earthworm

See EarthwormCompile for notes about compiling.

See EarthwormNightlyBuild for information about the nightly build.

Testing Earthworm

See EarthwormTest for notes about testing.

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