06:53 Ticket #543 (ew2mseed gets stuck on gaps in wave servers, need StartTime to be set to ...) created by paulf
At IRIS we have seen some of our ~25 ew2mseed processes occasionally get …


13:28 Changeset [6503] by et
Commented out 'mole' because it can't be compiled with MSVS2015.
13:24 Changeset [6502] by et
Added '/Od' (and notes) to GLOBALFLAGS (to keep default no optimization); …


19:15 Changeset [6501] by et
Removed obsolete '/Op' parameter; removed '/Od' parameter (can be in …
19:13 Changeset [6500] by et
NtWin32.Mak and Win32.Mak files for building with newer versions of Visual …
15:57 Ticket #542 (Project 'mole' and MSVS 2015) created by et
Looks like the 'mole' project cannot be built with MS Visual Studio 2015, …


19:20 Changeset [6499] by et
Reverted change to MYSQLCLIENTLIB value.
00:27 Changeset [6498] by et
Removed '/NODEFAULTLIB' from 'linkflags' (has no effect on build output …


10:10 Changeset [6497] by scott
v1.4: Show Waveform for Triggered events; suspend email for events older …


23:48 Changeset [6496] by et
Removed redundant 'ew2moledb.obj' from objects list.
23:48 Changeset [6495] by et
Changed NT 'clean' directives to use NT_MODULES (so 'mole' project will be …
23:47 Changeset [6494] by et
Added '.lib' files to 'clean' directive.
23:46 Changeset [6493] by et
Fixed backslash in 'clean' directive.
23:46 Changeset [6492] by et
Added '.lib' files and 'libdali' target to 'clean' directive.
13:52 Changeset [6491] by stefan
two versions of logit fixed to one by Renate
11:46 Ticket #541 (64 Bit Windows) created by stefan
After ticket #536 is complete, the Windows build presumably will run …


02:12 Changeset [6490] by et
Removed problematic brackets around WINNT 'BOOL play()' declaration.
02:12 Changeset [6489] by et
Added 'dist.c'
02:12 Changeset [6488] by et
Moved declaration of 'float dist' to top of block to fix compile error.


11:51 Changeset [6487] by scott
v0.3.1: Added preTriggerSeconds, us in new calculation of trace window & S …


09:48 Changeset [6486] by scott
Updated release notes & version number
09:46 Changeset [6485] by scott
Added WaitBeforeMessages? command; modified WaitBeforeNextThresh? command


12:55 Ticket #539 (css format doesn't work from waveman2disk from archman) closed by paulf
fixed: wfdisc format bug fixed in r6483
12:52 Ticket #257 (Swarm doesn't show "--" looking at Winston.) closed by paulf
fixed: This one seems to be fixed in the latest swarm. Closing it.
12:48 Ticket #540 (q3302ew needs a Library upgrade of lib330) closed by paulf
fixed: Updated in r6484
12:48 Changeset [6484] by paulf
updated lib330 from CERTSOFT Bob Reimiller wrote: Apparently some old …
12:34 Ticket #524 (startstop occasionally hangs on Linux in semop() wait state in ...) closed by paulf
fixed: Okay, closing this one as we believe we have this case licked with the …
12:30 Changeset [6483] by paulf
updated waveman2disk in release_notes.working
12:29 Changeset [6482] by paulf
fixed wfdisc problem in putaway code, nothing changed in waveman2disk …
12:15 Changeset [6481] by paulf
fixed bug introduced in r5343 and threw away all untested changes since by …


09:36 Changeset [6480] by paulf
brought back the sendfileII.d file from when it was deleted in 2011
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