15:31 Changeset [6435] by paulf
cleaned up the ewhtmlemail directory to remove gmewhtmlemail
13:56 Ticket #535 (Startstop Dies with HardKillDelay in Windows) created by stefan
Startstop can log that hardkilldelay option in startstop_nt.d doesn't …
08:54 Changeset [6434] by scott
Fixed display of USGS link


14:59 Ticket #534 (sniffwave command line help needs description of latencies) created by paulf
The sniffwave command line help is very useful, but it fails to describe …
14:55 Ticket #533 (startstop on Linux didn't crash if bogus line in the .d file) created by paulf
The case we saw at the Earthworm class this week showed that if you …
14:06 Changeset [6433] by scott
Made MemCheck? controllable from config file
10:38 Changeset [6432] by scott
New version number
10:32 Changeset [6431] by scott
Timezone fix(?); monitoring of memory corruption; non-GIF waveforms


16:19 Changeset [6430] by paulf
fixed heartbeat example for import_generic.d


18:15 Changeset [6429] by stefan
Visual Studio 2015 needs compatibility
18:12 Changeset [6428] by stefan
Visual Studio 2015 has issues to be addressed. For now comment out …


13:45 Changeset [6427] by scott
Trigger report, waveforms, various cleanup; include updated config file


08:56 Changeset [6426] by scott
New version #s
08:48 Changeset [6425] by scott
Fixed handling of mag&depth in pdl2ark; various things in gmewhtmlemail


13:53 Changeset [6424] by scott
Removed NULL termination of shadow line
13:43 Changeset [6423] by scott
Add shadow line to generated ARC message
11:33 Changeset [6422] by scott
Fixes for paths in ark2arc & configuration for gmewhtmlemail


12:37 Changeset [6421] by paulf
updated with ewthresh changes
12:12 Changeset [6420] by paulf
clean up for gfortran of allsubs.f, no logic changes, just compilation …
09:55 Changeset [6419] by scott
Updated version # to eqfilter; updated release notes w/ recent changes


12:51 Changeset [6418] by scott
Added version #s and usage messages
12:24 Changeset [6417] by paulf
fixed makefile.unix to include -ldl, sleep_ew.o, sqlite3.o
11:26 Changeset [6416] by scott
v0.3: Respond to ewthresh messages


11:32 Changeset [6415] by paulf
fixed ewthresh to use its own module id, and use DebugLevel? 1


11:16 Changeset [6414] by scott
Initial pdl2ark & ark2arc commit
10:14 Changeset [6413] by paulf
added in most of the code for THRESHOLD message triggering of gmew
10:08 Changeset [6412] by paulf
fixed makefile.unix to reflect -ldl for Linux linking
09:05 Changeset [6411] by scott
Initial gmewhtmlemail commit


07:34 Changeset [6410] by paulf
new ewthresh update from Qcon developer Elmar Rothert
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