12:56 Ticket #472 (valgrind finds 830039 errors running memphis test suite) created by baker
I ran the Memphis test suite on the 32-bit CentOS Linux 7.7.1 binaries …


14:13 Changeset [6079] by paulf
added first motion test to eqfilter module, first crack at teleseism …


17:07 Changeset [6078] by cochrane
Added support for oem 4800 and 9600 baud GPS receivers. Fix two bugs in …
16:58 Changeset [6077] by cochrane
Updated document with new GPS receiver support
16:57 Changeset [6076] by cochrane
Updated document with new GPS receiver support
13:06 Ticket #471 (Network code incorrectly determined in src/data_sources/k2ew/k2ewmain.c) created by baker
gcc generates a warning for src/data_sources/k2ew/k2ewmain.c: […] The …


14:04 Ticket #470 (Unused parameters warnings in three src/data_sources/k2ew files) created by baker
gcc warns of unused parameters when -Wall -Wextra are enabled for three …
13:19 Ticket #469 (Enumeration value 'IO_NUM_MODES' not handled warning in ...) created by baker
Because the possible I/O modes are defined using an enum instead of a …


10:41 Ticket #468 (Missing logit() format item in src/data_sources/k2ew/k2c_ser_nt.c) created by baker
A hand inspection of the logit() calls in …


14:39 Ticket #467 (Fix "time not advancing" warning message in ...) created by baker
The warning message in src/data_sources/k2ew/outptthrd.c printed when time …
14:32 Ticket #466 (Malformed calls to logit() in six src/data_sources/k2ew source files) created by baker
Six source files in src/data_sources/k2ew have malformed printf() format …
11:59 Ticket #465 (Comparison between signed and unsigned integer expressions in four ...) created by baker
Four source files in src/data_sources/k2ew generate warnings for …
10:56 Ticket #464 (Variable set but not used in src/data_sources/k2ew/k2c_ser_un.c) created by baker
k2c_init_io() in src/data_sources/k2ew/k2c_ser_un.c sets variable …


17:48 Ticket #463 (Inconsistent use of ForceBlockMode flag in src/data_sources/k2ew) created by baker
src/data_sources/k2ew is inconsistent in its test of the ForceBlockMode?
17:33 Ticket #462 (Extra tokens at end of #endif directive in ...) created by baker
src/data_sources/k2ew/k2ewmain.c has a malformed #endif directive: […] …


06:19 Changeset [6075] by paulf
new version for dup event squashing
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