15:37 Changeset [6074] by luetgert
14:11 Ticket #459 (Mismatched %s print format items) created by baker
Enabling the gcc -Wformat option, -Wformat Check calls to …
13:32 Ticket #458 (Remove extraneous logit() (and other library) function prototypes) created by baker
Several source files include their own function prototype for logit() (as …
12:01 Changeset [6073] by paulf
changed webswave html to allow for SNL sorting vertically


17:01 Ticket #457 (wave_serverV segfaults calling logit()) closed by paulf
fixed: Thanks Larry. Fixed in r6072. There were actually 2 of these badly written …
17:00 Changeset [6072] by paulf
fixed wave_serverV logit() calls
16:05 Ticket #457 (wave_serverV segfaults calling logit()) created by baker
At line 2319 in src/archiving/wave_serverV/wave_serverV.c, …


15:45 Ticket #456 (ewhtmlreport CSV table is not sorted by time when emailed on Linux) created by paulf
Due to the directory parsing EW routines for Linux, the ewhtmlreport …


07:32 Changeset [6071] by paulf
new ewhtmlreport java script template, fixing problems with new legend


15:46 Changeset [6070] by stefan
coda mods
15:46 Changeset [6069] by stefan
coda mods
15:45 Changeset [6068] by stefan
fix desc


12:33 Changeset [6067] by paulf
added DONE message to logging for process_message() call


12:07 Changeset [6066] by paulf
new version of ewhtmlreport to also write a static index.html file
07:30 Changeset [6065] by paulf
fixed scaling of cross section, thanks Ruben
01:06 Changeset [6064] by cochrane
Added support for Android OS and fixed a problem with GPS timing
01:04 Changeset [6063] by cochrane
Added support for Android OS and fixed a problem with GPS timing
00:54 Changeset [6062] by cochrane
Minor changes to the header of the file


16:22 Ticket #455 (Is backslash separator necessary in changeset 6059?) created by baker
Is the backslash separator actually necessary in changeset 6059? …
13:54 Ticket #454 (Several Makefile's hard code gcc/gfortran -m32) created by baker
Several Makefile's hard code the gcc/gfortran -m32 compiler option. This …


05:13 Changeset [6061] by withers
comment comment


08:34 Changeset [6060] by stefan
better .d self documentation


16:52 Changeset [6059] by paulf
fix for @ directives in util loading


09:36 Changeset [6058] by stefan
fix malloc bug in moleserv and start work for Windows compatibility. still …


14:44 Changeset [6057] by paulf
allowed EmailRecpientWithMinMag? to handle localmags too


10:42 Changeset [6056] by paulf
cleaned up some warnings, nothing major


05:06 Changeset [6055] by withers
comment comment


18:59 Changeset [6054] by paulf
patched a bug in binder_ew related to dup processing, new version 1.0.21


19:15 Ticket #453 (scn2scnl on Mavericks Mac OS X versione with Memphis test fails) created by paulf
A test of memphis run on the new Mac OS X Mavericks doesn't work, so far …
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