15:20 Ticket #432 (Structural monitoring module names) created by baker
There are several modules used for structural monitoring. They are not …
14:19 Ticket #431 (src/seismic_processing/ewaccel/ewaccel.desc is missing) created by baker
There is no sample ewaccel.desc, …
13:57 Ticket #430 (src/seismic_processing/ewaccel/ewaccel.d is missing AvgWindow and ...) created by baker
AvgWindow? and AlertDelay? are mandatory in ewaccel.d. They are missing …


15:12 WikiStart edited by stefan


11:13 Changeset [6012] by paulf
updated ew_rsamalarm.d to include the TreatAsIni? flag


16:22 Changeset [6011] by stefan
uses message types
04:09 Changeset [6010] by rluis
Included new nordic functions and separated file searching function.
04:05 Changeset [6009] by rluis
New nordic functions to handle conversion of SEISAN events.


16:39 Changeset [6008] by withers
added SGC networks for Stefan


11:09 Changeset [6007] by chad
redirect logging from libraries ot logit, replace HowTo? document with link …


17:39 Changeset [6006] by chad
add signal handling to shutdown cleanly with SIGTERM and block SIGPIPE so …
12:19 Changeset [6005] by stefan
get events from now actually works


08:23 Changeset [6004] by rluis
Origin version added to QML output; New version of example html and …


13:02 Ticket #429 (Startstop quits uncleanly when named pipe creation fails) created by stefan
On Windows 8, with Startstop service running, I tried to run Startstop …
07:54 Changeset [6003] by rluis
Forgot one file on the last commit
07:45 Changeset [6002] by rluis
Added additional debugging info.


11:55 Changeset [6001] by paulf
new arc2trig version with new features, MinDuration? and UseOriginTime?
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