08:10 Changeset [5273] by paulf
ewhtmlemail patch to missing mags...I hope.
07:19 Changeset [5272] by scott
Added logging of script executions
06:23 Ticket #244 (Make Linux RPM's for select distros) created by paulf
Summary says it all, but what select Linux distros are remains to be …
06:21 Ticket #243 (heli_ewII has limited sample rate hard coded to 200Hz) created by paulf
This should be made configurable in the .d file and default to 500 Hz. …


14:15 Ticket #242 (replace cc with gcc) created by Larry Baker
Where possible replace cc with gcc. May not always be possible in included …
11:39 Changeset [5271] by paulf
whoops, was deleteing the input, not output
06:46 Changeset [5270] by scott
Made maximum message size & maximum number of script arguments …
06:24 Ticket #241 (SESIAN format for seiputaway routines does not use location code) created by paulf
06:04 Changeset [5269] by paulf
realized that if the ARC output file is not removed, then it is appended …


16:01 Changeset [5268] by stefan
remove old version numbers
13:31 Changeset [5267] by paulf
option added to hyp2000_mgr to save the input phs and output arc temp …
10:33 Changeset [5266] by paulf
fixed ewnotify for module id in message


11:25 Changeset [5265] by scott
Corrected format of written messages
09:05 Changeset [5264] by scott
Updated version #
08:59 Changeset [5263] by scott
Fixed posting of ACTIVATE_SCRIPTS message & email
06:32 Changeset [5262] by paulf
minor change in wording of overlap warning in reftek2ew


06:40 Changeset [5261] by paulf
improved localmag.d and SNCLpar command listing


09:28 Changeset [5260] by paulf
removed binary from ewnotify check in
09:28 Changeset [5259] by paulf
added version number to be echoed at usage for ewnotify
09:26 Changeset [5258] by paulf
updated ewnotify to have a MailProg? so that default values were not …
06:17 Changeset [5257] by paulf
added ewnotify to the Windows make....it compiled for windows, but not …


12:11 Ticket #239 (startstop in some instances does 2 restarts of a module) closed by tim
fixed: This is solved by changing the startstop_nt.d file from this […] to …
11:52 Ticket #240 (Sniffrings segfaults) created by tim
I just ran sniffrings and it segfaulted immediately. Below is the text of …


13:18 Changeset [5256] by paulf
added TYPE_ACTIVATE_MODULE to the global message types, used by building …
12:54 Changeset [5255] by paulf
windows does not have setenv() func, put a win specific wrapper in …


13:54 Ticket #239 (startstop in some instances does 2 restarts of a module) created by paulf
This was only seen on Windows platforms, but crosses from v7.5 and v7.6 …
13:47 Ticket #234 (multiple makefiles in gcf2ew) closed by paulf
fixed: Thanks for catching that. Closed out in version r5254
13:47 Changeset [5254] by paulf
removed extra Makefile from gcf2ew
13:45 Ticket #236 (make is same as make solaris) closed by paulf
fixed: Whoops, forgot to mark it as closed...sorry for the 2 emails.
06:48 Changeset [5253] by paulf
notes updated for tankplayer_tools changes
06:46 Changeset [5252] by paulf
a number of changes for ms2tank SCNL override options, and remux_tbuf …
06:00 Changeset [5251] by paulf
removed an unecessary export line for the EW_RUN_DIR variable


02:07 Changeset [5250] by quintiliani
Minor changes to getmenu


06:49 Ticket #238 (target ubuntu long term support, LTS, releases) created by philip
Given most earthworms will be long running and os upgrades can be …
06:43 Ticket #237 (rename ewdoc to just doc) created by philip
Why not just "doc", would be a bit more standard. The double level of …


23:52 Changeset [5249] by cochrane
Removing unneeded file
23:23 Changeset [5248] by cochrane
Files needed to build the dll under Windows
23:21 Changeset [5247] by cochrane
Files needed to build the PsnAdBoard? library
23:16 Changeset [5246] by cochrane
Fixed another problem with V2 boards and running more then 4 channels at …
23:16 Changeset [5245] by cochrane
Fixed another problem with V2 boards and running more then 4 channels at …
23:13 Changeset [5244] by cochrane
Changed version number to 2.1
23:12 Changeset [5243] by cochrane
Fixed another problem with V2 boards and more then 4 channels at 200SPS
20:21 Changeset [5242] by cochrane
This zip file contains the code needed to build the DLL under Windows or …
20:19 Changeset [5241] by cochrane
This is version 4.4 of the DLL. This version fixes a bad bug in the code …


19:36 Changeset [5240] by paulf
added default target for master Makefile, a usage echo now is provided …
11:59 Ticket #236 (make is same as make solaris) created by philip
Since solaris comes first, executing just "make" is the same as "make …
11:56 Ticket #235 (libsrc/qlib2/Makefile hardwires CC as cc) created by philip
The makefile hard wires CC to be "cc" even if CC is defined to be gcc …
05:25 Ticket #234 (multiple makefiles in gcf2ew) created by philip
gcf2ew has Makefile and also makefile.sol, makefile.ux. I suspect that the …


09:12 Changeset [5239] by ilya
Got rid of free() call before rn->StartTime? = k_str()


06:53 Ticket #233 (exe and cmd files in bin of src distribution) created by philip
Quite a few .exe and .cmd windows files in the bin directory of the src …


14:07 Ticket #230 (SWARM and WINSTON ImportEW both use hard coded NTP servers) closed by tparker
fixed: Default NTP servers have been updated. NTP.config works for both swarm and …
05:00 Ticket #232 (update 7.7 trac documentation with 2 new options for seismology programs) created by paulf
Jim caught two new options that were undocumented in the static html. I …
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