02:49 Changeset [5053] by paulf
minor change to UseS flag for eqassemble, it is now a boolean option
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10:58 Ticket #221 (hyp2000_mgr concatenates the hypo.prt file with each record, can it be a ...) closed by paulf
fixed: Today I created a new version of hyp2000_mgr (version 1.39), checked into …
10:53 Changeset [5052] by paulf
added SeparatePRTdir option to hyp2000_mgr to write named PRT files
10:46 Changeset [5051] by paulf
added pau to startstop for windoze
10:43 Changeset [5050] by paulf
added pau to startstop for UNIX and solaris
07:37 Ticket #224 (reftek2ew not being built for Windoze?) closed by paulf
fixed: I just tested a make on Windows XP and reftek2ew was built
07:33 Changeset [5049] by paulf
new ewhtmlemail version with fixed header label of waveforms (duration was …


13:49 Changeset [5048] by paulf
listed start time and duration of time-series in the plot header
13:34 Changeset [5047] by paulf
added MaxDuration? setting to ewhtmlemail to limit the length of plots, in …
07:56 Ticket #226 (Swarm Incorrectly Shows Gap) created by stefan
See attached image. I'm looking at a helicorder that may have once had …


10:34 Changeset [5046] by paulf
fixed bug in gmew for different location codes for same SCN, …


10:26 Changeset [5045] by paulf
minor compilation change to loc_wcatwc to allow tankplayer playback tests …
06:28 Changeset [5044] by paulf
added a check for taulib.c tabin() func for path being too large
01:49 Changeset [5043] by quintiliani
Main improvements: - ew2moledb can read messages from multiple rings …
01:22 Changeset [5042] by quintiliani
work-around, replace ';' with ',' in ew error message. TODO: Fix that when …
01:18 Changeset [5041] by quintiliani
Changed logit options


10:15 Changeset [5040] by philip
add message type 35 for miniseed records
09:02 Changeset [5039] by paulf
found that there was a strcat that allowed for too short a unix filename


09:36 Changeset [5038] by kevin
Update to Swarm 2.3 beta
09:27 Changeset [5037] by scott
Fixed MaxMsgSize? issue (ticket #222)
09:14 Changeset [5036] by scott
Fixed MaxMsgSize? issue & altered test for rejecting messages based on net …


07:01 Ticket #225 (WinstonTools SAC output is missing SCNL) created by paulf
The Winston1.1 in src/archiving/Winston1.1 WinstonTools? SAC client output …
03:16 Changeset [5035] by quintiliani
Added sniffrings compilation in diagnostic_tools Makefile


23:01 Changeset [5034] by quintiliani
Added ew_date17_test.c and some minor refinements to makefile.ux
16:08 Ticket #224 (reftek2ew not being built for Windoze?) created by paulf
Lynn Dietz reports: […]
14:40 Ticket #223 (waveman2disk doesn't take DOMAIN names for wave servers) closed by paulf
fixed: This one frustrated me so much, that I made the change and tested it on …
14:38 Changeset [5033] by paulf
fixed it so that DNS names can be used in waveman2disk, also added a …
14:16 Ticket #223 (waveman2disk doesn't take DOMAIN names for wave servers) created by paulf
This is just stupid, the damn program only accepts IP addresses in the …
08:02 Ticket #222 (MaxMsgSize is truncating by 1 byte on many programs) created by paulf
Jon Rusho at Utah was seeing problems with export/import and MaxMsgSize?
05:32 Changeset [5032] by quintiliani
Added ew_nevent_message in order to compile startstop on Solaris


18:53 Changeset [5031] by ilya
Added notes on ew2mseed mods
18:49 Changeset [5030] by ilya
Modified ew2mseed to write data in big-endian format accroding to IRIS …


08:44 Changeset [5029] by quintiliani
Added a new module: sniffrings sniffrings displays the content of the …
08:26 Changeset [5028] by quintiliani
Small improvement about computation of sleeping time
04:58 Changeset [5027] by quintiliani
Changed syntax for the following functions: CreateSpecificSemaphore_ew(), …


06:42 Changeset [5026] by paulf
one more fix to makefile.nt for test codes…
06:20 Changeset [5025] by paulf
whoops, fixed order of lines in makefile for tester programs
06:18 Changeset [5024] by paulf
first pass at test makefile for Named Event API test codes on Windows
06:06 Changeset [5023] by paulf
upgraded for named event api
06:05 Changeset [5022] by paulf
upgraded for named event api
06:03 Changeset [5021] by paulf
added ew_nevent_message.c linking to Windows Startstop lib
06:00 Changeset [5020] by paulf
added prototype for GetKeyWithDefault?()
05:58 Changeset [5019] by paulf
added ew_nevent_message for win make


14:04 Changeset [5018] by paulf
added TYPE_NAMED_EVENT TWC message for next EW release
13:59 Changeset [5017] by paulf
modified arg 1 of CreateEvent_ew() to match windows
13:59 Changeset [5016] by paulf
needed to link startstop with ew_nevent_message.o now
13:50 Changeset [5015] by paulf
added new named event ring creation to startstop
13:49 Changeset [5014] by paulf
test codes and working Named Event API done
12:18 Changeset [5013] by paulf
cleaned up named event API


14:01 Changeset [5012] by paulf
added new named event api to EW, needs testing still
14:01 Changeset [5011] by paulf
added new named event api to EW, needs testing still


11:50 Changeset [5010] by paulf
comment on loc_wcatwc upgrade to v986
11:42 Changeset [5009] by paulf
updated loc_wcatwc to v986 of EarlyBird? SVN
10:14 Changeset [5008] by luetgert
Fixed file input to make sure 'core' files ignored and deleted. -This …
07:15 Changeset [5007] by paulf
Mm, Theta, Ms added from EarlyBird? to notes


12:19 Changeset [5006] by paulf
added Theta from EarlyBird? to Earthworm for Unix compilation
11:10 Changeset [5005] by scott
Changed "mismatch" message to only be generated at highest debug level
08:07 Changeset [5004] by paulf
added MmNew? as Mm to Earthworm from Earlybird, this is from v986 of ATWC …
07:19 Changeset [5003] by paulf
added Ms EarlyBird? module to Earthworm proper, compiles + runs on Linux …
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