23:55 Ticket #48 (nmake clean_bin_nt doesn't clean all bins) closed by paulf
23:12 Changeset [3949] by paulf
cleaned up clean_bin
23:05 Changeset [3948] by paulf
cleaned up clean_nt_bin
22:57 Changeset [3947] by paulf
added scnl2scn removal to clean_nt_bin
22:53 Ticket #66 (remove import_generic) closed by paulf
fixed: hearing no objections to above plan, I modified the makefiles to link (or …
22:49 Changeset [3946] by paulf
modified makefiles so import_generic is a link or copy of import_ack. …


15:25 Ticket #66 (remove import_generic) created by dietz
You know, import_generic should probably be removed as import_ack will …
13:32 Ticket #65 (startstop solaris threading bug) closed by scott
fixed: Had to fix one errant mutex call
13:31 Ticket #64 (Startstop NoExec not Dead) closed by scott
fixed: Put in a more direct mechanism to let startstop know when a module can't …
13:29 Changeset [3945] by scott
Bring webdocs for startstop up-to-date
11:23 Changeset [3944] by paulf
added export_sncl cmd link
11:05 Changeset [3943] by paulf
added export_scnl to this
11:04 Changeset [3942] by paulf
cannot believe this was not here before


14:31 Changeset [3941] by scott
Modified IO redirection for Solaris
13:53 Changeset [3940] by scott
IO redirection


13:17 Changeset [3939] by scott
7.4m: detects failure to load a module more reliably; fixed bug in …
12:17 Ticket #65 (startstop solaris threading bug) created by paulf
Okay, I just found a case where startstop has Dead procs and if you try …


16:54 Ticket #64 (Startstop NoExec not Dead) created by stefan
I restarted wave_serverV with v7.4l 2010-03-31 version of startstop. It …
08:34 Changeset [3938] by scott
Updated release notes re: columns in status
08:27 Changeset [3937] by scott
Improve enforcement of column widths in status, allowing process name …


13:09 Changeset [3936] by scott
Better sizing of columns in status when linelength > 80
07:42 Ticket #61 (Add Symmetric Research's new code) closed by stefan
fixed: After a few iterations getting new files from Symmetric, all is well now, …
05:16 Ticket #63 (Linux make clean bin) closed by paulf
fixed: Okay, fixed the others wsSniffer, ew2mseed and q3302ew.
05:16 Changeset [3935] by paulf
fixed make clean_bin target
05:15 Changeset [3934] by paulf
added clean_bin targets


14:10 Changeset [3933] by paulf
cleaned up clean_bin directive
14:06 Changeset [3932] by paulf
cleaned up clean_bin
14:06 Changeset [3931] by paulf
added bin clean up for other modules
13:49 Changeset [3930] by stefan
final make fix from Wendy Tucker
13:18 Ticket #63 (Linux make clean bin) created by stefan
Linux make clean_bin_unix doesn't clean these up: […]
12:45 Changeset [3929] by stefan
7.3 to 7.4


09:30 Changeset [3928] by stefan
new from wendy
09:28 Changeset [3927] by stefan
new from endy
05:01 Changeset [3926] by paulf
carlsubtrig.d now can point to trig_id.d file via TrigIdFilename?
04:57 Changeset [3925] by paulf
added line for TrigIdFilename?


07:15 Ticket #62 (sgram has location code hardcoded to --) closed by paulf
fixed: Okay, this seems a non-issue. But it points out that we NEED to make sure …


17:41 Ticket #62 (sgram has location code hardcoded to --) created by paulf
It seems sgram is making SCNL calls to waveservers, but not allowing one …
15:07 Ticket #61 (Add Symmetric Research's new code) created by stefan
replaced srparxchewsend with new data sources code from Symmetric: …
14:59 Changeset [3924] by stefan
new from Symmetric
14:31 Changeset [3923] by stefan
New from Symmetric
14:31 Changeset [3922] by stefan
* empty log message *
13:38 Changeset [3921] by stefan
New from Symmetric
12:39 Ticket #60 (clean up .pdb) created by stefan
C:\earthworm\earthworm\bin>dir *pdb Volume in drive C has no label. …
12:23 Changeset [3920] by stefan
remove old symres add new
09:29 Ticket #59 (wave_serverV errors) created by stefan
[…] Log file attached; brief excerpt: […]
09:01 Ticket #16 (Status or startstop problem) closed by scott
fixed: On Solaris, statmgr is started differently than other modules, so needed …
08:53 Changeset [3919] by scott
Latest changes to Startstop/Status?
08:47 Changeset [3918] by scott
Solaris version now recognizes failure of statmgr to start
08:37 Changeset [3917] by paulf
updated date and checked the list
08:34 Ticket #58 (heli_ewII customized header) created by stefan
08:32 Ticket #57 (Confirm Memphis Test) created by stefan
Confirm beta 7.4 Memphis test results for all platforms.
08:29 Ticket #56 (Earthworm Standard Relase Procedures) created by stefan
Only to be done after testing is complete and we're ready to bundle: …
08:25 Ticket #55 (Update params directory for 7.4 release) created by stefan
make sure that the .d and .desc files in /params are all current and …
08:24 Changeset [3916] by paulf
added geoazur network to list
08:18 Ticket #38 (startstop multithreaded tested on Windows) closed by stefan
fixed: I've found no trouble with the multi-threading so far. Set startstop …
08:14 Changeset [3915] by stefan
just changed version number
06:30 Changeset [3914] by withers
Replaced sgram.d with Steve Malones better commented version


18:39 Changeset [3913] by paulf
typo fixed for srtcpy
15:18 Changeset [3912] by scott
Status fixes: alignment, Priority display on Solaris
14:21 Ticket #50 (Update blat) closed by stefan
fixed: Replaced old blat with 2.62 version. --- License to use Blat The …
14:19 Changeset [3911] by stefan
version 2.62
13:56 Ticket #16 (Status or startstop problem) reopened by paulf
Just tested this at Caltech on Solaris by removing statmgr at start up of …
13:11 Changeset [3910] by scott
Updated version #
13:02 Ticket #16 (Status or startstop problem) closed by scott
fixed: Now in both windows and Unix versions: * module arguments displayed on …
13:01 Changeset [3909] by scott
Report module failing to start as NoExec?; have status display module …
13:00 Changeset [3908] by scott
Report module failing to start as NoExec?
12:07 Changeset [3907] by paulf
waveman2disk and sniffwave changes noted
11:40 Changeset [3906] by paulf
minor fix to remove bad program name from debug print
10:39 Changeset [3905] by stefan
remove gcf2ew since it won't compile on all flavors of unix
09:58 Ticket #53 (Sniffwave search for SCN or SCNL) closed by paulf
fixed: Okay, I fixed it so Lynn's model now works again: sniffwave WAVE_RING …
09:57 Changeset [3904] by paulf
okay, made it only show SCNL matches if L is specified
09:48 Changeset [3903] by paulf
now will search for SCN or SNCL again, this is version 2.4
08:43 Ticket #52 (Waveman2disk, remove logging) closed by paulf
fixed: Okay, the easy fix that preserves existing behavior is the following. If …
08:41 Changeset [3902] by paulf
made an 3rd option to the command line to turn off disk logging, this …
08:32 Ticket #51 (sniffwave needs to open a log file, why is it needed?) closed by paulf
fixed: Okay, sniffwave logit() calls removed. logit_init() remains however, but …
08:29 Changeset [3901] by paulf
added logit_init() back in for WaveMsg2MakeLocal() but set disk logging to …
08:24 Ticket #54 (logging removal auotmated in logit()) created by paulf
Just had an idea while answering a question from stefan for a new …
07:27 Changeset [3900] by paulf
removed logit() calls, untested as yet
07:13 Changeset [3899] by quintiliani
Fixed the right surname of Paul
06:25 Changeset [3898] by quintiliani


17:03 Ticket #53 (Sniffwave search for SCN or SCNL) created by stefan
17:01 Ticket #52 (Waveman2disk, remove logging) created by stefan
13:41 Ticket #51 (sniffwave needs to open a log file, why is it needed?) created by paulf
Currently sniffwave opens a log file, but does it really need to? It was …
07:15 Changeset [3897] by paulf
added InterMessageDelayMillisecs? setting
05:27 Changeset [3896] by paulf
added tankplayer comment


21:29 Ticket #1 (Unhardcode startstop's named pipe) closed by stefan
fixed: OK, this is done, tested a bit and checked into CVS. Ideally now someone …
21:26 Changeset [3895] by stefan
named pipe name option
20:21 Ticket #16 (Status or startstop problem) reopened by stefan
I don't think it makes sense to have the parameter next to the binary name …
16:46 Ticket #50 (Update blat) created by stefan
Check the legality of doing so, and if it's OK, include a newer version of …
16:32 Ticket #49 (Startstop Crash) created by stefan
If startstop crashes, in some cases it will leave all it's modules …
13:41 Changeset [3894] by scott
Fixed directory display; made Status display more consistent w/ Unix …


12:33 Ticket #42 (add Carol Bryan's rsam and ssam to Contrib build) closed by paulf
fixed: Done, added to Contrib/Bryan?
12:31 Ticket #48 (nmake clean_bin_nt doesn't clean all bins) created by stefan
These are the Windows binaries that are still there (that shouldn't be …


05:30 Changeset [3893] by paulf
added azores


14:18 Changeset [3892] by paulf
put place holder for 7.4 release notes and updated dates
14:12 Changeset [3891] by paulf
updated with tankplayer fix
14:08 Changeset [3890] by paulf
WSV protocol doc added
13:08 Changeset [3889] by scott
sniffwave mods
12:50 Changeset [3888] by scott
Made reporting of WaveMsg2MakeLocal error more robust
11:21 Changeset [3887] by paulf
added URL
10:48 Ticket #30 (tankplayer passing bad packet crashes sniffwave on windows (Not UNIX)) closed by scott
fixed: Fixed sniffwave to check return from WaveMsg2MakeLocal
10:46 Changeset [3886] by scott
Added check of return from WaveMsg2MakeLocal
09:59 Changeset [3885] by paulf
made tankplayer check size against MAX_TRACEBUF_SIZ for tracebuf2s
09:42 Changeset [3884] by paulf
whoops, really fixed the max samples check
09:30 Changeset [3883] by paulf
added check for nsamps to be smaller than max samples for a tbuf to …
09:11 Changeset [3882] by paulf
increased version to 7.4i
09:10 Changeset [3881] by paulf
mac os x ps -g fix for older Mac OS X installs
08:28 Changeset [3880] by paulf
here is the jar
08:24 Changeset [3879] by paulf
added Ruben Luis pick_ew_analysis because it is so cool
08:13 Ticket #47 (startstop_unix on Mac OS X has weird ps failure) closed by scott
fixed: Changed how process info is acquired so it now works pre-Leopard (10.5).
08:12 Ticket #47 (startstop_unix on Mac OS X has weird ps failure) reopened by scott
08:10 Changeset [3878] by scott
Changed how EncodeStatus? gets module info for MacOSX to work for …


13:58 Ticket #26 (wave server v returns blocks of data, not exact) closed by paulf
wontfix: This is part of the protocol if GETSCNLRAW is issued. It specifically …
13:24 Ticket #10 (.d files for export_scnl) closed by paulf
13:24 Changeset [3877] by paulf
made a copy of export_scnl.d for completeness
13:20 Ticket #47 (startstop_unix on Mac OS X has weird ps failure) closed by paulf
wontfix: Since this is OLD os version related, I am punting on it and we can call …
09:37 Changeset [3876] by paulf
minor minor code clean up
09:26 Ticket #45 (wave_serverV logging change to alert about client IP) closed by paulf
fixed: Okay, this one now has improved messages for any client interactions by …
09:24 Changeset [3875] by paulf
added client_ip echoing to ListenForMsg?() as per code from DK
08:36 Ticket #47 (startstop_unix on Mac OS X has weird ps failure) created by paulf
On a recent compile of startstop_unix on Mac OS X I noticed this error …
08:31 Changeset [3874] by paulf
minor changes for sgram and wsv
08:12 Ticket #46 (sgram not being made for windows) closed by paulf
fixed: makefile.nt was missing threads_ew.obj and that was it, fixed the master …
08:06 Changeset [3873] by paulf
added sgram to Win make list
08:02 Changeset [3872] by paulf
makefile.nt was missing threads_ew link
07:42 Ticket #46 (sgram not being made for windows) created by paulf
sgram was left out of the display/Makefile....why? Get it to compile on …
05:58 Ticket #43 (wave_severV fix for end of tank reads) closed by paulf


13:16 Ticket #45 (wave_serverV logging change to alert about client IP) created by paulf
This request came from Mike Hagerty, code fix is from Dave Kragness. …
12:27 Ticket #37 (startstop kill behavior improvement for Windows version) closed by scott
invalid: Desired behavior already present; no change needed.
12:25 Ticket #36 (startstop kill behavior improvement for Unix versions (sparc/mac os ...) closed by scott
12:24 Ticket #28 (sac2tb has no Windows Binary) closed by scott
fixed: To use from Windows, needed to allow specification of output file as a …
12:18 Changeset [3871] by scott
Modified sac2tb so it can be used from Windows, and enabled building it …


14:13 Changeset [3870] by paulf
one last fix for win
14:09 Changeset [3869] by paulf
put back the unistd.h exclusion for winnt
14:06 Changeset [3868] by paulf
winnt hack for gmtime_r() call
13:53 Changeset [3867] by paulf
minor change to platform.h to allow MACOSX build
13:52 Changeset [3866] by paulf
minor change to platform.h and makefile.ux to get this to compile on …
13:45 Changeset [3865] by paulf
had to get rid of the unistd.h include for win
13:43 Changeset [3864] by paulf
try 2, disk with a c, as in disc
13:41 Changeset [3863] by paulf
added wfdiscputaway.c to list for windoze
04:01 Changeset [3862] by quintiliani
Up to date
02:50 Changeset [3861] by quintiliani
Added descriptions for: - optional "%v" to the subparameter …


14:15 Changeset [3860] by paulf
matteo's work and sniffwave changes
12:45 Changeset [3859] by paulf
okay, made the new feature allow sniffwave ringname and optionally y or s …
12:15 Ticket #44 (Sniffwave segfaults on linux w/ no params except data flag) closed by paulf
fixed: I fixed this, if the […] case is used, then the program now blurps …
12:14 Changeset [3858] by paulf
sniffwave fixed to echo usage message if operator mistakenly does …
12:07 Ticket #14 (wave_serverV and startstop/statmgr) closed by paulf
fixed: I think we can close this one since we have the new killer startstop …
09:28 Ticket #35 (srparxchewsend 64 bit compile fails linux) closed by paulf
fixed: Solved, just needed $(CFLAGS) added to parxch.c and pargps.c binaries in …
09:23 Ticket #22 (localmag: changed output file and directory name) closed by paulf
fixed: {niobite:localmag} cvs commit -m "merged from Matteos branch for adding …
09:22 Changeset [3857] by paulf
merged from Matteos branch for adding version to directory naming
09:15 Ticket #39 (Debias won't make on Windows) closed by scott
fixed: Makefile needed a definition added; touched up source to remove warnings.
09:13 Changeset [3856] by scott
Touched up to reduce warnings
08:48 Ticket #31 (Linux 64 bit build fails on gcf2ew) closed by paulf
fixed: gcf2ew seemed to make just fine in my test on bigboy with the -m32 flag. …
08:37 Changeset [3855] by paulf
switched the order of nmxptool compiling to the end of the sol list since …
08:22 Changeset [3854] by paulf
added wfdiscputaway to makefile.sol
08:15 Changeset [3853] by quintiliani
Changed output file and directory name Detailed description in ticket 22 …
08:10 Changeset [3852] by paulf
added include for kom library after warnings on solaris build
07:42 Changeset [3851] by paulf
patched up unix makefile for a linux compile on a 64 bit system


08:24 Changeset [3850] by paulf
end of tank read fix from Dave Kragness, needs testing
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