14:39 Changeset [3848] by scott
Added missing field for new startstop module termination behavior
14:26 Changeset [3847] by scott
Made startstop's stoping of modules more robust; touched up release_notes …
11:05 Ticket #42 (add Carol Bryan's rsam and ssam to Contrib build) created by paulf
The USGS wanted these recorded somewhere. They differ from the ones in the …
09:39 Ticket #27 (Include ew2mseed with EW v7.4) closed by paulf
fixed: Okay, its all checked in, including docs, update of release_notes.working …
09:38 Changeset [3846] by paulf
added ew2mseed to the list of archiving modules
09:35 Changeset [3845] by paulf
link fix for overview for ew2mseed
09:34 Changeset [3844] by paulf
added ew2mseed cmd file
09:32 Changeset [3843] by paulf
added ew2mseed overview
09:30 Changeset [3842] by paulf
cleaned up makefile.sol for Solaris
09:24 Changeset [3841] by paulf
ew2mseed note
09:21 Ticket #11 (Scream logit_init) closed by paulf
fixed: Stefan fixed this one, but didn't close the ticket. See notes from CVS: …
09:18 Changeset [3840] by paulf
linux compilation fixes
09:14 Changeset [3839] by paulf
first check in of ew2mseed to EW proper
07:33 Changeset [3838] by paulf
improved the heartbeat and restart times for this module, they were too …


14:06 Ticket #40 (stopmodule doesn't work) closed by paulf
fixed: Okay, this is resolved. copystatus was never modified to transfer …
14:03 Changeset [3837] by paulf
last time, I swear, fixed now
14:01 Changeset [3836] by paulf
14:01 Changeset [3835] by paulf
fixed size of getlogo array
13:58 Changeset [3834] by paulf
added type_stop and type_restart messages
13:57 Changeset [3833] by paulf
modifed for statmgr and copystatus changes
13:54 Ticket #41 (Make statmgr multi-threaded so "check all rings" works) created by stefan
Make statmgr multi-threaded so "check all rings" works even on busy …
13:37 Changeset [3832] by paulf
started logging reception of TYPE_STOP messages
12:37 Changeset [3831] by stefan
more technical details
12:22 Changeset [3830] by stefan
11:52 Changeset [3829] by stefan
11:43 Changeset [3828] by stefan
11:24 Changeset [3827] by stefan
updated some error messages to make them user readable
11:07 Changeset [3826] by stefan


14:45 Ticket #33 (Archman compile fails) closed by paulf
fixed: Got it compiling on Win, Mac OS X intel, by adding in a strptime code from …
14:43 Changeset [3825] by paulf
final windows fixes
14:14 Changeset [3824] by paulf
fixes for windows lack of strptime
14:07 Changeset [3823] by paulf
removed sdas component
14:03 Changeset [3822] by paulf
mac os x fixes


15:48 Ticket #40 (stopmodule doesn't work) created by stefan
Using the new startstop on Windows, I used 'stopmodule'. The module was …
14:41 Ticket #34 (eqassemble compile fails 64 bit linux) closed by paulf
fixed: There were two issues here, that there was a conflict in macro names for …
14:39 Changeset [3821] by paulf
hypot was declared in math funcs on linux, so renamed to ew_hypot in this …
14:38 Changeset [3820] by paulf
fixed makefile.ux for linking with CFLAGS
12:44 Ticket #32 (trig2disk compile fails) closed by paulf
fixed: The wfdiscputaway.o was missing from the makefiles for all platforms. Easy …
12:43 Changeset [3819] by paulf
patched makefiles to include CSS wfdiscputaway
12:31 Changeset [3818] by paulf
converted gmtime() to timegm_ew() and the module now makes just fine on …
12:07 Changeset [3817] by paulf
patched up makefile for zlib location
09:12 Changeset [3816] by paulf
makefile.ux added clean of lib itself to make clean target
09:09 Changeset [3815] by paulf
fixed unix makefile to allow globalflags in final link stage
06:45 Changeset [3814] by withers


13:13 Changeset [3813] by stefan
updated version string
11:18 Ticket #39 (Debias won't make on Windows) created by stefan
10:36 Ticket #38 (startstop multithreaded tested on Windows) created by paulf
Stefan, will test this on his windows lashups....and check the version …
10:30 Ticket #37 (startstop kill behavior improvement for Windows version) created by scott
Take advantage of threaded startstop; see ticket #36 for details
10:21 Ticket #36 (startstop kill behavior improvement for Unix versions (sparc/mac os ...) created by paulf
Scott, Stefan, and I reviewed the startstop_unix_generic.c StopChild?() …
09:30 Ticket #16 (Status or startstop problem) closed by scott
fixed: Truncation of parameters is now smarter, trying to display as much info as …
09:16 Changeset [3812] by paulf
removed MAX MIN macro defs and put in include for macros.h
08:43 Changeset [3811] by scott
Make truncation of module paramaters in status display smarter; added …


17:34 Ticket #17 (Stale status view in Startstop) closed by stefan
fixed: OK, I'm going to mark this as "resolved". The double-return issue was …
14:54 Ticket #35 (srparxchewsend 64 bit compile fails linux) created by stefan
14:52 Ticket #34 (eqassemble compile fails 64 bit linux) created by stefan
14:49 Ticket #33 (Archman compile fails) created by stefan
Archman compile fails 64 bit linux and on Windows […] -- this is only …
14:46 Ticket #32 (trig2disk compile fails) created by stefan
Does this have to do with Tim's WFDISC work? […]
14:41 Ticket #31 (Linux 64 bit build fails on gcf2ew) created by stefan
Paul sez: we need to build a liblinux64 binary for the gcf2ew module …
11:35 Changeset [3810] by withers
10:07 Changeset [3809] by paulf
added linux fix for status problem and also allowed user to type status in …


13:25 Changeset [3808] by scott
Folded debias into ewintegrate


08:29 Ticket #15 (No Linux Startstop Log) closed by scott
fixed: Wasn't restricted to linux
08:28 Ticket #9 (statmgr should allow -1 for number of emails to indicate infinite number) closed by scott
08:27 Ticket #4 (Startstop to detect multiple rings with same ID) closed by scott
08:26 Ticket #19 (q3302ew needs to be tested against new lib330 from Quanterra) closed by scott
fixed: Tested on MacOSX, Linux, Solaris, and Windows (the latter required a tiny …
08:23 Ticket #6 (startstop does not thread the restart process, it needs to) closed by scott
fixed: Restarts now executed in their own thread
08:11 Changeset [3807] by scott
Fixed initial call to logit_init so startstop's logfile will be created


14:10 Changeset [3806] by scott
new ewintegrate seismic_processing module
10:47 Changeset [3805] by scott
Module debias + xfrm library it is built upon


14:33 Changeset [3804] by scott
Changed EncodeStatus? to use non-blocking reads


11:46 Changeset [3803] by paulf
version change only
11:42 Changeset [3802] by scott
Make sure EncodeStatus? doesn't continue after failing to read heading


14:07 Changeset [3801] by stefan
remove sac2tb -- binary that gets made doesn't work
13:01 Ticket #30 (tankplayer passing bad packet crashes sniffwave on windows (Not UNIX)) created by stefan
Running a tracebuf file through tankplayer, sniffwave crashes …
11:15 Changeset [3800] by scott
Changed variable name in scan (small -> smaller) to placate Windows …
09:55 Changeset [3799] by stefan
makefile.nt now also compiles sac2tb
09:12 Ticket #21 (trig2disk bug report) closed by scott
09:12 Changeset [3798] by scott
Fixed check of snippet subnet being blank (as per Track ticket #21)
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