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ewhtmlreport windows paths

Reported by: stefan Owned by:
Priority: major Milestone: Windows
Component: ewhtmlreport Version: 7.9
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ewhtmlreport windows version won't accept forward slashes like most other modules will.

Change History

comment:1 Changed 6 years ago by stefan

Perhaps it is blat not Earthworm who doesn't like the forward slashes. works:

 site_file		${STATION_FILE}
 ArcFolder		${EW_DATA_DIR}\eqk\arc
 MagFolder		${EW_DATA_DIR}\eqk\mag
 HTMLBaseFile		web\ewhtmlreport.html
 HTMLFile		${EW_DATA_DIR}\web\kansas
 WriteIndex		${EW_DATA_DIR}\web\index.html
 CSVBasename            ${EW_DATA_DIR}\web\kansas_data          # the basename (optional) to produce 


 MaxMessageSize	36384
 site_file		${STATION_FILE}
 ArcFolder		${EW_DATA_DIR}/eqk/arc
 MagFolder		${EW_DATA_DIR}/eqk/mag
 HTMLBaseFile		web/ewhtmlreport.html
 HTMLFile		${EW_DATA_DIR}/web/kansas
 WriteIndex		${EW_DATA_DIR}/web/index.html
 CSVBasename            ${EW_DATA_DIR}/web/kansas_data          # the basename (optional) to produce 


20150615_UTC_16:48:32 Debug: issuing this email command: blat - -to xx@… -subject "EWreport CSV data from 20150513000000 to 20150615000000 - 94 events" -body "See attached files" -attach d:\earthworm\data/web/kansas20150615000000.html -attach d:\earthworm\data/web/kansas_data20150615000000.csv -server xx.edu 20150615_UTC_16:48:32 Debug: return value from command: 12

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