Ticket #120 (new wishlist)

Opened 10 years ago

Reconcile multiple platform.h files

Reported by: stefan Owned by: somebody
Priority: minor Milestone: All Platforms
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Feedback from Larry Baker:

> /Users/baker/earthworm/earthworm/src/data_sources/grf2ew
> cc -c -I../../../include -g -m32 -D_MACOSX -D_INTEL -D_USE_PTHREADS -D_USE_SCHED -I/Users/baker/earthworm/earthworm/include -D_DEBUG  main.c
> In file included from main.h:18,
>                  from main.c:10:
> platform.h:39:5: error: #error Platform not defined!
> In file included from platform.h:126,
>                  from main.h:18,
>                  from main.c:10:
> stdtypes.h:160:6: error: #error "can't determine platform!"

There seem to be several platform.h's:

> Larrys-MacBook-Air:src baker$ find .. -name platform.h
> ../include/platform.h
> ../src/data_sources/grf2ew/platform.h
> ../src/data_sources/reftek2ew/platform.h
> ../src/libsrc/lib330/platform.h

I went and looked at the various platform.h files. The 3 external ones all dramatically different from the earthworm platform.h; they aren't branches. It obviously would have been better if the developers for grf2ew, reftek2ew and lib330 had started with the Earthworm platform.h

Would be good to reconcile these so that we can ensure better compiles, especially with lib330 and various flavors of UNIX.

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