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#147 fixed Many makefiles hard code cc somebody baker

Many makefiles hard code cc for the C compiler, either as:


or as:

	cc $(CFLAGS) etc.

cc may not exist, or may not be the same compiler selected by ew_*.sh. The fixes are:

  • libsrc/qlib2/Makefile
#CC	= cc
  • archiving/archman/makefile.ux
archman: $(OBJ)
	(echo ------; cd lib; echo Making lib in:; pwd; \
	        make -f makefile.ux);
	$(CC) ${GLOBALFLAGS} -o $(B)/archman $(OBJ) $(LIBBGS) -lpthread -lm
  • seismic_processing/hyp71_mgr/makefile.ux
hyp71_mgr: $(C_OBJ)
	$(CC) $(CFLAGS) -o $B/hyp71_mgr $(C_OBJ) -lm -mt -lpthread
  • seismic_processing/raypicker/makefile.ux
#cc = cc
#link = cc
	echo "making the main app"
	echo "have $(APP_OBJECTS)"
	cp $(APP) $(B)
	$(CC) $(CFLAGS) $(CPPFLAGS) -c $<
#148 fixed Fixes for new raypicker kevin baker

The new raypicker code Stefan added does not compile on Linux or Mac OS X. This is because it has Windows-specific code. I modified the following files to eliminate or conditionalize the Windows-only code so that raypicker compiles without errors or warnings on Linux and Mac OS X.

  • In the main program, seismic_processing/raypicker/raypicker.c, the mutex variables are declared HANDLE. The fix is to change the declaration to mutex_t. Also, as previously noted, #include <malloc.h> is unnecessary, and does not exist on Mac OS X:
/* #include <malloc.h> */
mutex_t	hStackerMutex;
mutex_t	hProcessorMutex;
  • In seismic_processing/raypicker/rp_messaging.c, #include <string.h> is missing, and the code is Windows-specific. The fix is:
#include <stdio.h>
#include <string.h>
#include <float.h>  /* DBL_MAX */
#ifdef _WINNT
  _snprintf_s( msg, sizeof(msg), _TRUNCATE, "%ld %hd %s\n\0", t, 0, szError);
  snprintf( msg, sizeof(msg), "%ld %hd %s\n\0", t, 0, szError);
  • In seismic_processing/raypicker/stalist.c, #include <string.h> is missing (and #include <malloc.h> should be removed), and the code is Windows-specific. The fix is:
#include <stdlib.h>
/* #include <malloc.h> */
#include <string.h>
#ifdef _WINNT
            memcpy_s(&(pNewSCNL[i]), sizeof(RaypickerSCNL), thisSCNL, sizeof(RaypickerSCNL));
            memcpy(&(pNewSCNL[i]), thisSCNL, sizeof(RaypickerSCNL));
  • In seismic_processing/raypicker/stalist_parse.c, #include <string.h> is missing (and #include <malloc.h> should be removed), and the code is Windows-specific. The fix is:
#include <earthworm.h>
#ifndef _WINNT
#include <errno.h>

, two instances of:

#ifdef _WINNT
    err = fopen_s(&pFile, szFile, "r");
    pFile = fopen(szFile, "r");
    err = errno;


#ifdef _WINNT
        if (sscanf_s(&(szLine[4]), " %s %s %s %s", pSCNL[*pNumSCNL].sta, sizeof(pSCNL[*pNumSCNL].sta),
                    pSCNL[*pNumSCNL].comp, sizeof(pSCNL[*pNumSCNL].comp),
                    pSCNL[*pNumSCNL].net, sizeof(pSCNL[*pNumSCNL].net),
                    pSCNL[*pNumSCNL].loc, sizeof(pSCNL[*pNumSCNL].loc)) < 4)
        if (sscanf(&(szLine[4]), " %s %s %s %s", pSCNL[*pNumSCNL].sta,
                  pSCNL[*pNumSCNL].loc) < 4)

As previously noted, Mac OS X does not have a malloc.h. The fix is to remove #include <malloc.h> from the following files:

  • seismic_processing/raypicker/config.c
  • seismic_processing/raypicker/pick_channel_info.c
  • seismic_processing/raypicker/pick_series.c
  • seismic_processing/raypicker/pre_filter.c
  • seismic_processing/raypicker/rate_constants.c

Linux complains about missing newlines at the end of several include files. The fix is to add a newline to the end of the following files:

  • seismic_processing/raypicker/compare.h
  • seismic_processing/raypicker/config.h
  • seismic_processing/raypicker/pick_channel_info.h
  • seismic_processing/raypicker/symmetry
  • seismic_processing/raypicker/tracebuf2double.h
#149 fixed make clean_unix, make clean_bin_unix do not remove nmxptool/Makefile's somebody baker

make clean_unix and make clean_bin_unix do not remove the following Makefile's:


When I copy a tarball of the Earthworm 7.5 trunk from one machine to another, then do the clean steps, these Makefile's are still there. The CC and CPP definitions in these Makefile's are not correct on the new machine, which causes make unix to fail with the error that it can't find the gcc compiler.

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