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#260 fixed heli_ewII doesn't beat heart at startup (not restarted if failure on startup) et paulf

Philip Crotwell and Branden Christensen have both seen instances at EW startup where the wave server (winston or wsv) is not available and heliew dies immediately (because it cannot find a WS)..This is probably a heart beat issue and should be fixed. Statmgr never restarts it because the code probably doesn't beat its heart before this error, and thus statmgr never knows it started or died.

#270 fixed Define EW_DATA_DIR for 7.7 release et baker

I'd like to have environment variable EW_DATA_DIR defined, or a placeholder for it inserted, for the 7.7 release so that it will be simpler to configure the 7.7 the release and the name will never be used for another purpose.

I add the three lines in the middle shown here to environment/ew_linux.bash v for the 7.6 release:

export SYS_NAME=`hostname`

# Structural monitoring specific
# Top-level data directory (also in earthworm_commonvars.d)
export EW_DATA_DIR=$EW_HOME/data

# Set environment variables used by earthworm modules at run-time

The export line could be commented out for installations that don't do structural monitoring. Though, this could be a useful environment variable for other applications as well.

#297 fixed eqbuf crashes et stefan

eqbuf crashes on Windows, wants to send Microsoft error messages

May or may not be related to ZTR parameters in hypo inverse not containing the F parameter.

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