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#174 fixed Bug in localmag handling parameter saveTrace quintiliani quintiliani

localmag is not able to save any SAC traces even though the parameter saveTrace has been declared.

In the revision r4448 has been added the initialization at line source:trunk/src/seismic_processing/localmag/lm_config.c@4448#L544

plmParams->saveTrace = LM_ST_NO;       /* do not save WA traces by default */

which makes always false the expression at source:trunk/src/seismic_processing/localmag/lm_config.c@4448#L1293

At the moment, I have just removed the previous line and everything is going well.

Is it the right fix?

#101 fixed CREATE new Variant on TRACEBUF2 packet version 2.1 kevin paulf

ISTI is working on a project where we need to provide a multiplier constant to take the counts in the TRACEBUF2 header into Ground Motion Units. It makes the most sense to us to store this value in the header of the packet for later use in display modules.

To this end, we propose to create a TRACEBUF21 (version 2.1) of the TRACEBUF header that is nearly 100% identical to the TRACEBUF2 packet but slightly different with 2 changes.

  • The version member will be listed as version[0]='2' version[1]='1' (instead of '0') and
  • The last 2 members of the tracebuf header struct (data_quality and pad 2 bytes each) are replaced with a 4 byte float member named conversion_factor.

This entails only changes in 3 modules where the version member is currently checked, tankplayer, carlstatrig, and dumpwave.

Furthermore, the WaveMsg2MakeLocal should be modified to check version numbers and flip the conversion_factor if the second version field is 1 and not 0.

Likewise, any module that actually uses the data_quality member should now check the version numbers for tracebuf2 style packets. I would suspect only waveman2disk (for mseed output) and ew2mseed would need this check.

This proposed change would break no modules that currently use TRACEBUF2 headers since these last 2 fields are never used (from a quick scan of codes).

Modules that want to use this new variant would check the version number, see that it is a 2.1 packet and treat the last 4 bytes as a conversion_factor (multiplier). We intend to use this multiplier as a CGS units factor..such that if you have acceleration, multiplying the counts by this number takes you to cm/s/s or velocity to cm/s or displacement to cm.

Please add comments to this ticket!

#545 fixed Can't compile PsnAdSend with 'express' Visual Studio somebody et

PsnAdSend won't compile with 'express' versions of Visual Studio because it needs Microsoft Foundation Classes from 'pro' versions. The error you see is: cannot open include file 'afxres.h'

Related post on SO:

I've commented out 'psnadsend' from NT_MODULES in 'data_sources/Makefile' and added a note to 'data_sources/psnadsend/readme_win.txt'.


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