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#1 fixed Unhardcode startstop's named pipe stefan stefan

On Windows, startstop creates a named pipe called "HydraStartstopPipe?" which Startstop Console connects to if you're running startstop as a service. This pipe name should be configurable so that multiple instances of startstop can be run on the same machine. For example, I'm running Earlybird right now with a completely different set of shared memory ring keys than I have for my standard Earthworm install. I hard coded "HydraStartstopPipe?" to "EarthwormStartstopPipe?" and recompiled so I could do this, but this should be fixed properly.

#38 fixed startstop multithreaded tested on Windows stefan paulf

Stefan, will test this on his windows lashups....and check the version number is set to 7.4 in the code.

#61 fixed Add Symmetric Research's new code stefan stefan

replaced srparxchewsend with new data sources code from Symmetric: srusb2ew srpar2ew. Checked it into CVS, deleted old from cvs repository. Updated WEB_DOC, release_notes working. Checked out on Windows and Linux and tested compile. Compile worked for both modules on Windows and only the par one on Ubuntu Linux. Waiting to hear back from Wendy on the usb Linux compile failure

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