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#678 fixed localmag and maxTrace failure is too cryptic to debug: program should exit if maxTrace is insufficient alexander paulf

Today I discovered a weird failure in localmag trying to pull data from a Winston that was filled with 2Khz data....

the maxTrace setting was too small to buffer traces from the wave server, but the error sleuthing was way too complicated.

The first SCNL request reported the following error in the log: wsGetTraceBinL(): buffer full, trace truncated getTraceFromWS: trace S.C.N.L truncated to fit buffer

But something clearly overflowed and blew up, because it seems that the wave server library dropped the socket and the resulting future SCNL requests reported this error:

wsGetTraceBinL(): no socket for IP:port (where IP and port were correct for the winston in question).

I noticed this same behavior against a wave_serverV server as the winston and on different Operating systems (Linux and Mac OS X).

The solution was to reconfigure maxTrace to something large enough to handle the 2kHz sample rate, but the program should probably fail with an error rather than having someone try and figure this out..... It was a very cryptic set of messages.

#683 fixed Cannot restart message, but restart OK. alexander stefan

20190131_UTC_03:02:12 startstop: successfully restarted <wave_serverV> 20190131_UTC_03:02:12 startstop: Cannot restart pid=8167; it is not my child!

Need to remove false "cannot restart message". This is latest svn as of today. CentOS 7.4

#684 fixed Warning: thread ID overflows thread_id data type. alexander stefan

Messages StartThreadWithArg?: Warning: thread ID overflows thread_id data type. appear all over the startstop console. Fine to record these messages, but put in a log file instead.

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