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#12 fixed ew2rsam make SCNL compatible somebody stefan

ew2rsam - needs TYPE_TRACEBUF changing to TYPE_TRACEBUF2, at least on the input side.

reported by Richard Luckett June 2006

#14 fixed wave_serverV and startstop/statmgr somebody stefan

probably worth investigating the interaction between wsv and startstop/statmgr restarts at some point; other people have reported issues as well with wsv trying to stop or start and taking long enough that statmgr figures it's dead


yes, but startstop does not automagically restart a process....

it only restarts a proc if someone issues a restart command on the command line, or if statmgr is monitoring the process....and stops seeing a heartbeat, and has the keyword restartMe in the .desc file used by statmgr...

So what are all the other processes that are listed in ps???

Stefan Lisowski wrote:

From Hal's 2nd email, it seems that startstop is correctly analyzing wave_serverV as dead....

Paul Friberg wrote:


Does Linux still show threads as separate processes? COuld that be the issue and that these are threads?

I mean, the WSV binds to a particular socket so I doubt that multiple copies could run simultaneously.....


Hal Schechner wrote:

I'm seeing something strange with startstop.

Something strange happened, and the waveserver crashed (not sure why, don't think it was something I did, but it coincided with a new waveserver client connecting...)

Anyhow, as expected, startstop reported it as Zombie, then Dead (when hitting enter). I used restart [Process ID] to restart it, and while it did restart, hitting enter causes startstop to report that it's still dead, but with the new Process ID. The problem is that it's very much NOT dead, I'm actively retrieving data from it:


Hostname-OS: - Linux 2.4.23-2.5-ts Start time (UTC): Fri Sep 1 00:39:29 2006 Current time (UTC): Fri Sep 1 04:48:35 2006 Disk space avail: 425422 kb Ring 1 name/key/size: WAVE_RING / 1000 / 1024 kb Ring 2 name/key/size: PICK_RING / 1005 / 1024 kb Ring 3 name/key/size: HYPO_RING / 1015 / 1024 kb Stopstart Version: v7.0.1 2006-04-03

Process Process Class/ CPU

Name Id Status Priority Used Argument

------- ------- ------ -------- ---- --------

startstop 423 Alive Alive / 0 6724 -

srparxchewsend 424 Alive ??/ 0 2672 srparxchewsend.d

wave_serverV 562 Dead wave_serverV.d

20060901_UTC_04:48:41 Queue Report: High Mark 1, Low Mark 0

Note the "Queue Report" line...

Also, is this proper form? :

[ew@miniepc params]$ ps -ax | grep wave_server

562 ew 3248 S wave_serverV wave_serverV.d 563 ew 3248 S wave_serverV wave_serverV.d 564 ew 3248 S wave_serverV wave_serverV.d 565 ew 3248 S wave_serverV wave_serverV.d 566 ew 3248 S wave_serverV wave_serverV.d 567 ew 3248 S wave_serverV wave_serverV.d 574 ew 3248 S wave_serverV wave_serverV.d 580 ew 1352 S grep wave_server

Should there be that many running? Is this a result of startstop trying to get WS going, thinking it's dead when it isn't?


-- Hal Schechner h.schechner@…

#15 fixed No Linux Startstop Log somebody stefan

On Linux (looked at two 64 bit systems) startstop doesn't seem to be creating a log file. The last startstop log file on one examined linux 64 system was June 2008 (bigboy; not consistently running.)

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