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#286 fixed AVO reports bug fix in ew_rsamalarm code scott paulf

Tom Parker reports finding and fixing a bug in ew_rsamalarm. We need to get the bug fix into SVN ASAP for 7.7.

#670 fixed Add -32 or -64 suffix to the EARTHWORM SYSTEM STATUS banner somebody baker

The Earthworm status banner does not identify whether it is a 32-bit or 64-bit build. The O/S is printed (on Linux and OS X, at least). But, just because the O/S is 64-bits does not mean the running Earthworm is.

I changed the EARTHWORM SYSTEM STATUS banner to include the no. of bits in a (void *), e.g.:

                    EARTHWORM-32 SYSTEM STATUS
                    EARTHWORM-64 SYSTEM STATUS
#672 fixed Add ARM Linux support somebody baker

Mario Rodríguez Marín reports in the Earthworm Forum (!topic/earthworm_forum/fOt7f5yiDv4) that Earthworm fails to build on a Raspberry Pi.

I do not have a Raspberry Pi, but I have used Earthworm on other ARM platforms, with (armhf) and without (armel) hardware floating-point.

I fixed the code and makefiles to work with my BeagleBone? Black running Debian wheezy. There is a new environment script, ew_linux_arm.bash. It probably works with dash or bash, but I did not try dash. If you install gfortran, you will get the Hypo2000 modules.

If there are problems compiling and running on any ARM platforms, please report them and I'll have a look.

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