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#513 fixed upgrade networking code to allow IP6 alexander philip

Lots of IP4 specific code in earthworm. Should upgrade to more agnostic network routines so IP6 can be supported. This is likely a fairly tedious and error prone thing to upgrade, but at some point will be essential.

Here is just one example, export.c in data_exchange/export char client_ip[16]; /* IP address of client from inet_ntoa */

#620 fixed getmenu fails alexander stefan

(ipv6 code branch) getmenu won't work with ipv6 both getmenu and ipv6 use colons as delimiters suggestion... use a space as a delimiter instead of a colon.

#646 fixed remove liss2ew from the earthworm repo alexander paulf

LISS is no longer used anywhere....I am opening a ticket to remove this from the repo for v7.10 release.

If nobody replies to this ticket over the next bunch of days, i will nuke this code as we don't need to chase any more old code not compiling.

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