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#85 fixed update eqcoda command page to include LogArcMsg directive somebody paulf

Just learned of this today from Pete Lombard. It needs to have the command document updated and the .d file updated to reflect this.

#87 fixed sniffring has a -D_NOFLUSH compile time flag that should be made into an command line option somebody paulf

sniffring normally flushes the ring being monitored so that you only see current packets in the ring. There is a _NOFLUSH compile time flag to turn that off and it would be nice if the program didn't have to be recompiled to get this behavior. Making this a command line switch would make the utility nicer!

#88 fixed ew2file seg faults on Red Hat Linux 64 bit somebody paulf

Kanoa Koyanagi from PTWC writes:

Hi Paul,

It's been awhile since I was in your class, but I've been trying recently to run
the Linux v7.4 Earthworm here.  Most of the modules appear to work that I
have tried, but ew2file is an example of one that does not.  File2ew has no
problem, but when I run ew2file, as soon as a message hits the ring that
matches the message type I'm trying to output to file, it gives a "segmentation
fault".  I've tried to compile it as 32-bit code, but still no joy.

Has anyone there tested this code on Red Hat Linux (64bit) and gotten it to
work successfully?

Kanoa Koyanagi
NOAA/NWS/Pacific Tsunami Warning Center
Ewa Beach. Hawaii

This is probably some memory alignment issue with a 64 bit OS.

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