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#79 fixed Use @ in all .desc files for installation_id somebody stefan

Use @ in all .desc files for installation_id

#80 fixed statmgr complains under windows if no "mail entries" are set somebody paulf

This was discovered during EW class when some windows users didn't waant to have statmgr sending error messages to a non-existent smtp server.

It seems the SendMail?() code wants nmail (number of mail recipients) to be >= 1 or it says there was an error and returns -1.

Ergo, statmgr should never call this function if its nmail is 0..... This should be an easy fix and we will take care of it during class.

#81 fixed update sniffwave docs cmd and ovr to reflect 7.4 changes somebody paulf

The documents in overview and command do not reflect the 7.4 changes to sniffwave to allow SCN and SCNL to be seen.

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