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#73 fixed NonLinLoc - nll_mgr and nll need to be added to Earthworm somebody paulf

As per email discussion with Ruben Luis and Anthony Lomax and myself:

 Hello all,

On 2010/05/13 21:28, Paul Friberg wrote:
> Hi Ruben,
> Thanks. nll_mgr should definitely be in the core EW repository, if Anthony is fine with it being there. 
Yes, especially as is sounds like there has been some testing and use of the module by various groups.
> NLL too can
> be there but only as a convenience (like hypoinverse is). People should get the definitive NLL from Anthony's
> site since I believe he continually improves it.
It is probably appropriate that there is a frozen NLL version in the repository that is tested with nll_mgr.  But it is correct that NLL is constantly evolving - most recent "beta" versions are at:
while occasionally (every year or two) I do a full update of the "release" version:
> Paul
> Ruben S. Luís wrote:
>> Hi Paul,
>> I've added some modifications to nll_mgr from Marco Olivieri and Anthony Lomax, to have it compile on linux.
>> Perhaps you would like to add it to the contributions archive.
>> I've tested it on ubuntu using ew 7.4 and seems to work well for now.
>> Note however, that I had to modify the CFLAG, to add -fno-stack-protector. I'm not sure if this is for ubuntu only or also applies to other linux.
>> In any case, here is the modified nll_mgr.c
Are all the modifications in the Makefile?  We originally developed nll_mgr on Linux (Suse here, I'm not sure which distribution at INGV), so the modifications you made may be related to ubuntu or to the compiler / version of GCC you are using.


Best regards,

>> regards.
>> Ruben
>> -----Original Message-----
>> From: Marco Olivieri []
>> Sent: Wed 12-05-2010 11:36
>> To: Ruben S. Luís
>> Cc: Anthony Lomax
>> Subject: Re: nll_mgr
>> On May 12, 2010, at 1:33 PM, Ruben S. Luís wrote:
>>> Hello Marco,
>>> Sorry. There seems to have been a problem with my latest emails.
>>> They didn't seem to have reached you.
>>> Just to let you know the context, I am trying to run your module on
>>> ubuntu. I was unable to compile it due to the missing DEFs for
>>> LINUX. After introducing it, it compile and now I am trying to run it.
>>> This will be the first time that I've used it so it may take some
>>> time until I have succesefuly played with it enough to confirm its
>>> working properly.
>>> If you don't mind, I will send then the tested version to the ISTI
>>> guys for updating the contrib. archives.
>> I have no objection at all.
>> Regards
>> Marco
>>> Regards,
>>> Ruben
>>> _____________________________________________________
>>> Ruben S. Luís
>>> Investigador Científico
>>> Centro de Vulcanologia e Avaliação de Riscos Geológicos
>>> Universidade dos Açores
>>> Edifício do Complexo Científico, 3º Piso, Ala Sul
>>> 9501-801 Ponta Delgada
>>> Açores - Portugal
>>> tel: 296650147
>>> fax: 296650142
>>> -----Original Message-----
>>> From: Marco Olivieri []
>>> Sent: quarta-feira, 12 de Maio de 2010 11:29
>>> To: Ruben S. Luís
>>> Cc: Anthony Lomax
>>> Subject: Re: nll_mgr
>>> Hi Ruben,
>>> Sorry but I can not remember that we discussed about this issue.....
>>> Currently I am no more working on earthworm but I think it would be
>>> good
>>> if you share the fixing with the earthworm mailing list and provide
>>> the bug-fixed code
>>> to ISTI as they maintain the contributed software archive.
>>> Regards
>>> Marco
>>> p.s. I cc Anthony Lomax in order to keep him informed about it.
>>> On May 12, 2010, at 1:13 PM, wrote:
>>>> Hello Marco,
>>>> I think I've found the problem. Just some definitions for linux
>>>> missing from nll_mgr.c .
>>>> Please let me know if you need a modified version.
>>>> regards,
>>>> Ruben
>>>> ---
>>>> This email message was written in the Lyris ListManager Web
>>>> Interface at:


Anthony Lomax 

161 Allée du Micocoulier, 06370 Mouans-Sartoux, France 

tel: +33 (0)4 93 75 25 02     e-mail:   web: 

Anthony Lomax Scientific Software   

Science & Special Topics   

#75 fixed slink2ew on linux has weird state file naming due to compiler ifdef for INTEL somebody paulf

As per email:


line882 plus reads:
        #ifdef _INTEL
        sprintf (statefile, "%s\\slink%d.state", paramdir, myModId);
        #else  /* *nix brand */
        sprintf (statefile, "%s/slink%d.state", paramdir, myModId);

It seems changing the ifdef _INTEL to _WINNT
would be appropriate. As it is it creates a \slink56,state file on
an intel linux system.


eric haug
#77 wontfix Startstop Service Windows 2003 Server NoNew = New? somebody stefan

Startstop Service 7.4 treats NoNewConsole? fine on my XP install, but on my Windows 2003 Server, when I choose "NoNewConsole?" it acts as if I'd chosen "NewConsole?"; everything opens a window on the console 0 session.

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