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#5 fixed Environment variable ordering somebody stefan

I'm thinking of changing this line in ew_nt.cmd:

set Path=%Path%;c:\Program Files\keditw;c:\local\bin;%EW_HOME%\%EW_VERSION%\bin;e:orant\bin

to instead be:

set Path=c:\Program Files\keditw;c:\local\bin;%EW_HOME%\%EW_VERSION%\bin;%Path%

Where the environment variable %Path% is at the end (and I'm getting rid of e:orant\bin)

Do the same thing for LIB and INCLUDE

#6 fixed startstop does not thread the restart process, it needs to scott paulf

Since startstop is not multithreaded for handling messages, any restart action where a wait() is called for a module results in startstop hanging (not responding to status requests etc) that make users think EW is dead.

There needs to be a queueing of messages that startstop handles and a thread to handle restart tasks which could take some time.

#8 fixed Winston startup script wrong somebody stefan

There's an error in the file that causes a NoClassDefFoundError? when you try to start it up.

To fix use Windows start file classdef.

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