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#351 fixed archman won't compile on windows now because of mkstemp() call paulf

Testing a windows compile uncovered the fact that mkstemp() recommended as a replacement for tmpnam() doesn't work on this platform....argh. Fun.

#494 fixed Ewhtmlemail sets wrong coda stefan

Coda Magnitude: 0.0 Md nobs=0

Local Magnitude: 0.7 ±0.2 ML nobs=13

A Coda Magnitude of 0 is not null, it is an actual magnitude; it is higher than a negative magnitude for example. This value where "nobs" (number of observatories reporting) is zero should be n/a, not '0.0'

#564 fixed archman problems on windows paulf

Elmar Rothert of Q-con reports:

Hi Paul, I just discovered a potential bug in the EW archman module: I observed that sometimes (on Windows) archman is not able to open the temporary file which is generated by “tmpnam”. The module then does not abort but gets stuck in an endless loop and has to be killed and restarted manually. Inserting “exit (1);” behind lines 1182 and 1184 in the .c code will fix this problem. When archman aborts, statmgr should be able to restart the module automatically. However, statmgr can not restart archman because of an invalid PID. It seems that archman does not send the correct heartbeat message into the ring. Changing line 874 sprintf (buffer, "%ld %d\n", bin_time, config->pid); -> sprintf (buffer, "%ld %ld\n", (long) bin_time, (long) config->pid); will fix this. I hope this is helpful for improvements of the module in the next version. Best regards, Elmar

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