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#51 fixed sniffwave needs to open a log file, why is it needed? paulf paulf

Currently sniffwave opens a log file, but does it really need to? It was intended for a console module, so why even bother with a logit_init() and any logit() calls. This means any user of sniffwave also must be able to write to the EW_LOG directory.

Caltech would be interested in having it not log so that it could be run by any operator that has access to the earthworm environment, but not have permission to write to the log directory.

#52 fixed Waveman2disk, remove logging somebody stefan
-------- Original Message --------
From: Richard Godbee 

waveman2disk is another program I'd love to see logit() ripped out  
of.  I currently have to wrap it in a shell script like:

> #!/bin/bash
> export EW_LOG="`/bin/mktemp -d -t`/" || {
>     /bin/echo "can't create temporary directory" > /dev/stderr
>     exit 1
> }
> /path/to/waveman2disk /path/to/waveman2disk.d
> /bin/rm -rf "${EW_LOG}"

#53 fixed Sniffwave search for SCN or SCNL somebody stefan
Lynn Dietz wrote:
> Hi Paul,
> I've got a gripe with the current sniffwave on an issue that's bitten me
> more than once, and just bit me again.
> If you run:
> "sniffwave RING_NAME sta comp net loc y/n"
> then sniffwave will only look for TYPE_TRACEBUF2 messages.
> If you run:
> "sniffwave RING_NAME sta comp net y/n"
> then sniffwave will only look for TYPE_TRACEBUF messages.
> While this may seem logical, it actually make sniffwave less useful as a
> trouble-shooting tool.
> When I originally wrote sniffwave, it would always look for both
> TYPE_TRACEBUF and TYPE_TRACEBUF2 messages all the time, generously
> matching the fields you provided, using wildcard if you ommitted 'loc'.
> Then you could tell if a message was BUF or BUF2 by the logo at the end
> of the line. I think is also formatted S.C.N for BUF and S.C.N.L for BUF2.
> It was much easier to troubleshoot SCN vs SCNL issues with this original
> behavior. Like, if you knew you were importing a station code STA, but
> didn't know the format or rest of SCNL, you could run:
> "sniffwave RING_NAME STA wild wild wild n"
> The results would tell you the rest of the SCNL and the format. But with
> the current sniffwave, if you run that command, you won't see any output
> if you are importing SCN data, and you have to be smart enough to
> remember to invoke sniffwave without the last 'wild' to check for
> SCN-only data.
> Can you change sniffwave so that it behaves like originally, always
> looks for both BUF & BUF2 regardless of the number of command-line args ?
> Thanks,
> Lynn
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