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#21 fixed trig2disk bug report somebody paulf

Hi everyone,

I'm using the trig2disk module as a basis to write a new output module to update a custom format event catalog with the results from Carltrigs but that's not the subject. Doing so, I just found a little tricky bug, that doesn't seems to affect the module, however.

Line 1408 in trig2disk.c, we have an if test to update the EventSubnet? value after parsing the trig message. If there were no subnet found in the message (that's the case for trigger messages from arc2trig), we use the network code of the last parsed station. The trigger parsing function (in parse_trig.c) set the Snippet subnet field to a blank string if it doesn't find the subnet value in the message. But in trig2disk.c, we check if the Snippet subnet field is NULL or not (and will be never NULL, since there is always a string inside, whether it is a blank one or not).

So here is the actual code :

if (Snppt.subnet != NULL)

strcpy(EventSubnet?, Snppt.subnet);



And the correction for it to behave like expected :

if (strlen(Snppt.subnet) != 0)

strcpy(EventSubnet?, Snppt.subnet);



At least, the subnet value is then used when generating SUDS files to generate the file name. And in SUDSputaway, there is another test on whether this EventSubnet? field contains something or not, if it is empty, it uses the network code. I think then this test will be useless.

Merry Christmas. Best regards.

Jean-Marie SAUREL. -- -------------------------------------- Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris Observatoire Volcanologique et Sismologique de Martinique Morne des Cadets 97250 Fonds St Denis 0596784141 Martinique - FWI

#23 fixed Sgram Typo somebody stefan

sncl scnl typo

#24 fixed RSAM and SSAM will be broken by v 7 SCNL Location code when converted to SCNL somebody stefan

HHZ_RO now broken HHZ_R

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