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#519 fixed Localmag No Results Notification et stefan

When localmag fails to output a magnitude, send a notification message so that nobody keeps waiting for results that never come:

From Kanoa: ... have a "TYPE_NOMAGNITUDE" message or similar that gets output when localmag fails to output a magnitude. Failure to meet the criteria for number of stations required as defined in the. d file results in no available magnitude. A message stating "no magnitude is available" already gets output to the terminal, but is not captured by any ring. The earthworm message should at least contain the event ID from the input .arc message and localmag's own sequence ID.

#528 fixed arc2trig corrupted log entry, no heartbeat et stefan

arc2trig doesn't seem to be beating its heart with a new compile out of svn, and there's some corrupted version variable in the log.

arc2trig: startup at UTC_20150605_13:26:00
This program is using the non-MT-Safe version of logit.
20150605_UTC_13:26:00 LoadTableEnvVariable(): nfiles 2
arc2trig: Read command file <eqk/arc2trig.d>
0.0.3 - 2013-10-08: Version Ãè+£ÿÿËÿU‹ìÿuè·ÿÿÿ÷ØÀ÷ØYH]ËÿV¸:¾:W‹ø;Æs‹…ÀtÿЃÇ;þrñ_^ËÿV¸˜:¾˜:W‹ø;Æs‹…ÀtÿЃÇ;þrñ_^ËÿVW3ÿÿ·è˜ÿˆà
arc2trig: Writing trigger files in C:/earthworm/ohio/data/trig
arc2trig: Attached to public memory region HYPO_RING: 1115
arc2trig: Attached to public memory region HYPO_RING: 1115
20150605_UTC_13:39:41 arc2trig: Termination requested; exiting!
#536 fixed Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 compile et stefan

Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 compile fails on Windows. Dependent on NtWin32.Mak and Win32.Mak which are no longer included. But even with these copied from a previous VS, the earlybird library fails to compile "too complex"; ring2coax & II unresolved external symbol _acrt_iob. mole, loc_wcatwc, pick_wcatwc fails because earylbird library. Issues also with eqfilter, geqproc, ewthresh, psnadsend.

One used to be able to download older versions of visual studio express from Microsoft, but no more. We want users who download the currently available Windows compiler to be able to build Earthworm.

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