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#687 fixed trig2disk fails to compile now stefan paulf

We have a mismatch in trig2disk's PA_init() call with the include header.....this should be easy to fix, but I am not going there at 3:53AM.....

Stefan, not sure what LibDir? is in the PA_init() call:

#3 duplicate combine .d and .desc files somebody stefan

From Philip Crotewell:

A bigger change, but having both a .d and a .desc param file for each module seems silly to me. Wouldn't it be better to combine them and have statmgr read the .d directly and just ignore any params that it doesn't understand? And if that was the case, then statmgr could actually read the modules heartbeat interval and have a global configuration multiplier so you can say that a module is dead if no heartbeats have arrived in 3 times the modules heartbeat rate instead of an explicit number of seconds defined on every module. Perhaps some modules would need overrides, but I suspect most modules would be just fine with a 30 sec default heartbeat and a "dead factor" of 3. Just put the default in one place and avoid it being scattered across all those param files.

#5 fixed Environment variable ordering somebody stefan

I'm thinking of changing this line in ew_nt.cmd:

set Path=%Path%;c:\Program Files\keditw;c:\local\bin;%EW_HOME%\%EW_VERSION%\bin;e:orant\bin

to instead be:

set Path=c:\Program Files\keditw;c:\local\bin;%EW_HOME%\%EW_VERSION%\bin;%Path%

Where the environment variable %Path% is at the end (and I'm getting rid of e:orant\bin)

Do the same thing for LIB and INCLUDE

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