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#682 fixed failed to parse IP address localhost:16029 Alex Schnackenberg stefan

I thought this IPv6 issue had been fixed before, but I'm seeing it now:

e:\earthworm\earthworm_svn\src\data_sources\sr2ew>getmenu localhost:16029 getmenu: failed to parse IP address localhost:16029. Parse result: Invalid IPv6 field separator GETMENU: nothing in server

This is from the latest Earthworm trunk. 2019-01-13

#685 fixed repress ipv6 informational messages Alex Schnackenberg stefan

A message like this is fine to show if verbosity settings are set high for a module, but something like "setuptcpclient_ew()- formatted address: ::1 " shouldn't appear during normal use.

[stefan@quicksilver earthworm]$ earthworm_svn/bin/getmenu localhost:16029 20190131_UTC_03:09:07 setuptcpclient_ew()- formatted address: ::1 GETMENU: nothing in server

#93 fixed Startstop blank error msg on restart request Scott stefan

Earthworm v7.4 intel/solaris startstop (mod:18) appears to be sending blank TYPE_ERROR messages when it gets a module restart request. We've seen it a few times. Here's an example from statmgr's log:

20100904_UTC_01:48:25 Statmgr: sent restart request for diskmgr pid 29374 UTC_Sat Sep 4 01:48:26 2010 mnlons2/statmgr error decoding error msg: , wrong number of tokens 0, from mod:18 Mail sent.

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