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#206 fixed Database Test somebody zack
#442 fixed bug in slink2ew when loading trigger blockette somebody wes

I believe that I've stumbled upon an error in slink2ew.

For station POHA.HHZ.IU.10 I get triggered data via slink2ew. Every resulting trigger has a gap around the arrival of the P-wave. Data on the seedlink server is confirmed to be continuous across this gap.

The data blocks that are skipped have a trigger blockette: IUPOHA HHZ10 698002 D 2013 349:12:37:11.8583 n=91 rt=100.0 dt=128 off=48 #f=6 nb=3 (M:e=11 l=512)(MI:tQ=100 #fr=6 u=91) (201)E iblk=30/512

  • Blk201 201 off=0 sig amp=138261.0 sig per=0.07 Bkgrnd=8039.0 event det flags=0x0 rsvd=0 onset=2013 349:12:37:11.8683

SNR=1 3 6 8 9 0 lookback=2 Pick algorithm=1

  • Detector name=SEIS_H_RATE

Given the consistency of the symptoms, I have a suspicion that the slink2ew module isn't properly dealing with the additional trigger blockette.

#449 wontfix ewnotify builds binary in source directory somebody tparker

ewnotify puts its binary in the source directory rather than the bin directory.

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