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#15 No Linux Startstop Log somebody defect major startstop 7.4
#17 Stale status view in Startstop somebody defect major startstop 7.4
#31 Linux 64 bit build fails on gcf2ew somebody defect major ALL modules 7.4
#32 trig2disk compile fails somebody defect major trig2disk 7.4
#34 eqassemble compile fails 64 bit linux somebody defect major ALL modules 7.4
#35 srparxchewsend 64 bit compile fails linux somebody defect major srparxchewsend 7.4
#44 Sniffwave segfaults on linux w/ no params except data flag somebody defect major sniffwave 7.4
#64 Startstop NoExec not Dead scott defect major startstop 7.4
#105 tankplayer somebody defect major tankplayer 7.4
#446 ew_rsamalarm problem when writing alarm message somebody defect major ALL modules 7.7
#500 statmgr should be able to work without a MailServer somebody defect major statmgr 7.7
#544 Porting earthworm to 64bit linux et task major ALL modules 7.9
#684 Warning: thread ID overflows thread_id data type. alexander defect major startstop
#685 repress ipv6 informational messages Alex Schnackenberg defect major ALL modules 7.10
#706 hyp2000_mgr on Centos7.6 is failling in production for HVO lashup somebody defect major hyp2000_mgr
#63 Linux make clean bin somebody defect minor ALL modules 7.4
#255 too many args to sniffwave causes a segfault et defect minor sniffwave 7.6
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