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#55 Update params directory for 7.4 release somebody task blocker ALL modules 7.4
#102 localmag has problems with multiple waveservers if SCNL is not found on first waveserver somebody defect blocker localmag 7.5
#104 hypoinverse 1.3 needs combining with hyp2000_mgr somebody enhancement blocker ALL modules 7.5
#118 tport_getflag and startstop multithreaded may cause child procs to not get restarted somebody defect blocker startstop 7.5
#127 hypoinverse 1.35 hangs and spins if COP is set to 3 somebody defect blocker hyp2000 7.5
#189 restart of binder causes startstop to terminate!!! scott defect blocker binder_ew 7.6
#222 MaxMsgSize is truncating by 1 byte on many programs somebody defect blocker ALL modules 7.6
#618 condenselogo occasionally dumps core with bad free() somebody defect blocker condenselogo 7.9
#186 localmag fails to read in the arc file on stdin now quintiliani defect critical localmag 7.6
#202 hyp2000_mgr has a summary line reading problem for negative depths paulf defect critical hyp2000_mgr 7.6
#210 wave_serverV reports out of client threads on Windows and none free up, program never allows any new ones. tim defect critical wave_serverV 7.7
#555 gmew fix for max number of stations in staLoc file greater than 1800 somebody defect critical gmew
#620 getmenu fails alexander defect critical getmenu IPv6
#621 localmag ipv6 can't parse waveserver traceSource stefan defect critical localmag IPv6
#622 wave_serverV can't start with IPv6 IP stefan defect critical wave_serverV IPv6
#640 hypoinverse uses num recipes code for sorting paulf defect critical hyp2000
#727 ewhtmlemail Key parsing error defect critical ewhtmlemail 7.11
#6 startstop does not thread the restart process, it needs to scott enhancement major startstop 7.4
#10 .d files for export_scnl somebody defect major export_scnl 7.4
#19 q3302ew needs to be tested against new lib330 from Quanterra scott defect major ALL modules
#21 trig2disk bug report somebody defect major trig2disk
#33 Archman compile fails paulf defect major ALL modules 7.4
#42 add Carol Bryan's rsam and ssam to Contrib build paulf task major ALL modules
#43 wave_severV fix for end of tank reads paulf defect major wave_serverV 7.4
#45 wave_serverV logging change to alert about client IP paulf enhancement major ALL modules 7.4
#51 sniffwave needs to open a log file, why is it needed? paulf enhancement major sniffwave 7.4
#74 Env Var expansion in .d files quintiliani task major ALL modules 7.5
#80 statmgr complains under windows if no "mail entries" are set somebody defect major ALL modules
#82 Function to flush a ring somebody wishlist major ALL modules
#89 fir needs configurable buffer size (its hard coded now) somebody defect major fir 7.5
#92 wave_serverV invalid packet message needs to be more clear somebody defect major ALL modules 7.5
#96 ew2file write one file somebody defect major ew2file 7.5
#100 seisan_report needs ewdoc files et task major ALL modules 7.8
#101 CREATE new Variant on TRACEBUF2 packet version 2.1 kevin enhancement major ALL modules 7.5
#110 localmag at Lamont was modified to allow 2 attenuation relationships, horizontal and vertical chans paulf enhancement major localmag 7.5
#113 startstop has problems with restart of a non-existent PID paulf defect major startstop 7.5
#123 wave_serverV has useless error message: server_thread.c: _writeTrDRaw() failed on tank[N] somebody defect major wave_serverV
#126 localmag del command not working somebody defect major localmag 7.5
#144 Swarm waveform viewer somebody enhancement major ALL modules 7.5
#174 Bug in localmag handling parameter saveTrace quintiliani defect major localmag 7.5
#176 a station filter for localmag quintiliani enhancement major localmag
#177 Localmag: look at the specific version of an event-id quintiliani enhancement major localmag
#179 Localmag: parameter saveTrace could allow to define a more complex subdirectory name quintiliani enhancement major localmag
#180 MAX_RING in 2 places, reduce to one somebody defect major startstop 7.6
#183 localmag TYPE_MAGNITUDE does not have L of SCNL in message paulf defect major localmag 7.6
#187 filter picker needs uncertainty mapping pick_FP claudiosf task major ALL modules 7.6
#188 export processes do not close listening socket after accepting connection paulf defect major export_ack 7.6
#191 diskmgr improvement: add a parameter checkInterval quintiliani enhancement major diskmgr 7.5
#192 trig2disk somebody defect major trig2disk
#195 pau or quit using 7.5 startstop in 2 different earthworms kills both earthworms somebody defect major startstop 7.6
#196 The new option no_P_on_Horiz feature in binder_ew needs a way to map channel numbers paulf defect major binder_ew 7.6
#197 merge coda_aav and coda_dur into earthworm core now that pick_FP is in play paulf task major pick_ew 7.6
#201 upgrade hypoinverse to 1.36 version paulf task major hyp2000 7.6
#203 reftek2ew produces large tracebuf2 packets somebody defect major reftek2ew 7.6
#204 reconfigure and getutil library with conflicting MOD definition somebody defect major ALL modules 7.6
#207 reconfigure without having statmgr running causes a weird error message somebody defect major startstop 7.6
#211 Bug in function date17() - (maybe in other similar) somebody defect major ALL modules
#219 hypoinverse hyp2000 needs upgrading to version 1.38 paulf defect major hyp2000 7.6
#220 ew2rsam and Tbuf2 input seemed not to work scott defect major ew2rsam 7.6
#221 hyp2000_mgr concatenates the hypo.prt file with each record, can it be a new file instead somebody enhancement major hyp2000_mgr 7.6
#223 waveman2disk doesn't take DOMAIN names for wave servers somebody defect major waveman2disk 7.6
#230 SWARM and WINSTON ImportEW both use hard coded NTP servers tparker defect major winston 7.7
#231 lib330 needs updating from ISTI repo for q3302ew tim task major q3302ew 7.7
#243 heli_ewII has limited sample rate hard coded to 200Hz tim enhancement major heli_ewII 7.7
#245 SWARM 2.3 has problem reading MSEED files defect major swarm 7.7
#248 putaway routines for MSEED only tested on Solaris, need them for Linux/Windows tim defect major waveman2disk 7.7
#260 heli_ewII doesn't beat heart at startup (not restarted if failure on startup) et defect major heli_ewII 7.7
#262 libsrc/util/mseedputaway.c is broken somebody defect major ALL modules 7.6
#263 EarlyBird GetStationName() returns invalid pointer somebody defect major ALL modules 7.6
#283 Winston 1.2 upgrade in SVN somebody enhancement major ALL modules 7.7
#284 Swarm 2.3 upgrade in SVN somebody task major ALL modules 7.7
#286 AVO reports bug fix in ew_rsamalarm code scott defect major ALL modules 7.7
#287 q3302ew calls lib_register() more than once at startup, thread needs to be killed after timeout somebody defect major q3302ew 7.7
#291 localmag has incorrect standard deviation when mag computed from 1 station somebody defect major localmag 7.7
#293 Clean up env files to remove extraneous vars not used by EW anymore somebody task major ALL modules 7.7
#294 Clean up startstop_unix.d for TS/RS class comments (from solaris) somebody enhancement major startstop 7.7
#306 earthworm_defs.h and static variable MagNames somebody enhancement major ALL modules 7.7
#371 ew_rsamalarm not included in Makefile somebody defect major ALL modules 7.7
#415 Decimate crash et defect major decimate 7.8
#425 startstop didn't log problems issueing RECONFIGURE command to log, only to console somebody enhancement major startstop 7.8
#436 import_pasv incoming IP options somebody enhancement major import_gen_pasv 7.8
#440 seisan_report crashes on Linux and Windows after running/working fine for days paulf defect major ALL modules 7.8
#442 bug in slink2ew when loading trigger blockette somebody defect major slink2ew 7.5
#480 Old C anachronism #include <malloc.h> causes compile failures et defect major ALL modules 7.8
#489 upgrade hyp2000 and hyp2000_mgr to 1.40 version somebody task major hyp2000_mgr 7.8
#490 ewhtmlemail needs to use other phase labels from P and S (Pn, Pg, Sn, Sg) if provided somebody defect major ALL modules 7.8
#491 tbuf2mseed documentation et task major tbuf2mseed 7.8
#492 ewmseedarchiver documentation et task major ewmseedarchiver 7.8
#494 Ewhtmlemail sets wrong coda defect major ewhtmlemail 7.8
#498 tankplayer does not respond to a terminate command if issued by stopmodule somebody defect major tankplayer 7.8
#503 remove reftek2ew from the build tree AND put rtp2ew in the bin dir somebody task major reftek2ew 7.8
#505 localmag (and gmew probably) have RESP file reading limitations somebody defect major localmag 7.8
#506 DeadSta parameter in pick_ew should be allowed to be disabled paulf enhancement major pick_ew
#512 ew2rsam does not have SCNL inhibitor and INST_WILDCARD for GetWavesFrom doesn't seem to work somebody defect major ew2rsam 7.8
#515 gmew should be able to send an ACTIVATE_MODULE message when done somebody enhancement major ALL modules 7.8
#516 binder_ew needs to have an option to join P or S phases at the same station somebody enhancement major binder_ew 7.8
#518 nll_mgr should be SCNL compliant somebody defect major nll_mgr 7.8
#519 Localmag No Results Notification et enhancement major localmag 7.8
#529 Hypoinverse 1.41 upgrade is needed for EW somebody enhancement major hyp2000 7.9
#549 psnadsend has no example .d or .desc file somebody defect major ALL modules 7.9
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