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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#538 Earthworm reconfigure failure assigned et defect blocker Linux
#553 GSE 64 bit compile fails Ubuntu 14 assigned et defect critical Linux 64bit
#531 ewhtmlreport windows paths new defect major Windows
#533 startstop on Linux didn't crash if bogus line in the .d file assigned et defect major Linux
#535 Startstop Dies with HardKillDelay in Windows assigned et defect major Windows
#542 Project 'mole' and MSVS 2015 new somebody defect major Windows
#543 ew2mseed gets stuck on gaps in wave servers, need StartTime to be set to work new somebody defect major All Platforms
#548 ewthresh has possible problem with uninitiailized stations for group triggers new somebody defect major All Platforms
#551 Issues with CFLAGS and GLOBALFLAGS in makefiles assigned et task major Linux
#572 getbuf does not always check buffer size new somebody defect major
#590 Changes to wave_serverV new somebody enhancement minor All Platforms
#592 Mac OS X clang reports dangling else in lib330 new somebody enhancement minor All Platforms
#615 Use <S.C.N.L> SCNL format in messages for consistency new somebody wishlist minor All Platforms
#627 Windows makefile.nt's need help new somebody task minor Windows
#636 localmag and gmew (others?) incorrectly presume SAC files are always SPARC byte order new somebody defect minor All Platforms
#586 Illegal character in environment/earthworm_global.d (not UTF-8?) new somebody defect trivial All Platforms
#637 Replace winsock.h with winsock2.h new somebody task trivial Windows
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