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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Milestone Priority
#7 wave_serverV async mode cannot handle US network broadband data new somebody defect major
#25 FIR new somebody enhancement major
#58 heli_ewII customized header new somebody defect major
#121 make transport calls fire a signal to wake sleeping processes when a new message is ready for them new scott wishlist Unix Platforms major
#190 heli_ewII only accepts full hour time zone changes, some countries (Venezuela have 1/2 hour increments) new paulf defect All Platforms major
#198 EWQuakeAlert didn't work against WWS new somebody defect major
#208 wave_serverV bug on exact time select new somebody defect major
#213 archman won't work if future time-stamped packets get seen new defect All Platforms major
#217 Consistency, availability, and partition tolerance in distributed systems new somebody wishlist All Platforms major
#226 Swarm Incorrectly Shows Gap new defect Windows major
#229 PsnAdSend won't compile on osx intel new somebody defect OSX Intel major
#238 target ubuntu long term support, LTS, releases new somebody defect major
#249 upstart startup script for ubuntu new somebody enhancement major
#259 wave_serverV and Statmgr send too many messages new somebody enhancement major
#298 Startstop Not Responding new somebody defect major
#437 trig2disk and mseed option new somebody defect All Platforms major
#441 mseed putaway needs a function to set STEIM compression type and blocking size new somebody enhancement All Platforms major
#443 binder_ew ChannelPriority not used during stacking phase new paulf defect All Platforms major
#444 binder_ew does not relocate event after phases are scavenged new paulf defect major
#445 ew_rsamalarm not included in Makefile new somebody defect major
#452 export_scnl doesn't exit assigned et defect Solaris major
#484 statmgr's detection time for module heartbeats lost can be increased automagically new somebody enhancement All Platforms major
#488 startstop should have a startup delay configurable between processes as an option new somebody enhancement major
#495 ewhtmlreport frequency new wishlist All Platforms major
#502 ringdup re-reads its list of SCNL's on the fly new paulf enhancement All Platforms major
#514 missing .desc files, ewnotify and ew_rsamalarm are two obvious ones new somebody defect All Platforms major
#520 transport.c for Linux does not use Posix Shared Memory calls new somebody task Linux major
#525 Failure to restart modules on OSX 10.10.3 (Yosemite) new somebody defect OSX Intel major
#531 ewhtmlreport windows paths new defect Windows major
#533 startstop on Linux didn't crash if bogus line in the .d file assigned et defect Linux major
#535 Startstop Dies with HardKillDelay in Windows assigned et defect Windows major
#542 Project 'mole' and MSVS 2015 new somebody defect Windows major
#543 ew2mseed gets stuck on gaps in wave servers, need StartTime to be set to work new somebody defect All Platforms major
#547 Carlsubtrig errors new somebody defect major
#548 ewthresh has possible problem with uninitiailized stations for group triggers new somebody defect All Platforms major
#551 Issues with CFLAGS and GLOBALFLAGS in makefiles assigned et task Linux major
#554 memphis test does not run on Windows new somebody defect major
#556 scn2scnl on 64 bit sparc has a bus error new somebody defect Solaris Sparc major
#557 wave_serverV fails with bus error on sparc 64 bit compiles new paulf defect Solaris Sparc major
#558 Duplicate INST_PHIVOLCS in earthworm_global.d new somebody defect All Platforms major
#559 gmew crash when wsGetTraceBinL returned unknown error new somebody defect All Platforms major
#561 sniffwave request, a NOT operator new somebody enhancement All Platforms major
#562 q2ew missing from Solaris SPARC 64 bit compilation of 7.9 release new paulf defect Solaris major
#563 k2ew_ needs to have SOH/SNW packet style set by a .d file option new somebody enhancement All Platforms major
#572 getbuf does not always check buffer size new somebody defect major
#576 archman, bad log name, won't use ew_commonvars new somebody defect major
#577 add other EmailRecipient feature for quality to ewhtmlemail new scott enhancement All Platforms major
#578 add a disclaimer feature to ewhtmlemail new enhancement All Platforms major
#580 eqassemble HTML command page is out of date new somebody enhancement major
#585 COSMOS V0 putaway functions needed new somebody enhancement major
#608 ewthresh needs to have a flag to turn of demeaning capability new somebody enhancement major
#617 Binder not destroying shared memory region on shutdown new somebody defect Linux 64bit major
#623 import_gen_pasv can't bind to IPv6 IPs new stefan defect All Platforms major
#625 ark2arc relative path fails new somebody defect Linux major
#630 add swap.o to the libew.a library new paulf enhancement major
#631 q3302ew needs to allow IPV6 addressing new paulf enhancement major
#632 scream2ew needs to allow IPV6 addresses new somebody enhancement major
#633 rtp2ew needs to allow IPV6 addressing new somebody enhancement major
#652 ms2tb is deprecated in favor of ms2tank, we should remove it from the distribution new stefan task major
#662 comment out tsec, statmgr gets from heartbeat in .d new somebody enhancement major
#663 remove heartbeatint from all .d files and just use single default value new somebody enhancement major
#673 mseedarchplayer bug and Windows Makefile new somebody defect Windows major
#689 trig2disk and arc2trig need to be added to Memphis test new somebody defect major
#697 Create/publish C coding style standards new somebody wishlist major
#703 tankplayer may delay first packet going out by a second new somebody wishlist All Platforms major
#705 Module says "restarting" when it should say "stopping" new somebody defect major
#707 Update winston to 1.3.X when next version is released new somebody task major
#708 trig2disk fails to compile on Ubuntu 18.04 assigned alexander defect major
#709 Startstop says "restarting" on a "stop" new alex defect All Platforms major
#710 ubuntu RPM failed to have hyp2000 and hyp2000_mgr in it new alex defect Linux major
#711 localmag needs to be able to handle odd channel string endings new somebody enhancement major
#712 Compile fails on OS 10.14 Mojave new somebody defect OSX Intel major
#713 GMEW Location Code Issue new somebody defect All Platforms major
#715 ew2ssam doesn't support SCNL new somebody defect major
#719 ewhtmlemail needs to have an optional quality for some email recipients new paulf enhancement major
#720 ew2ringserver has address mapping issue (localhost) new chad defect Linux major
#721 arc2trig produces TRIGLIST_SCNL messages that don't comply with standards new paulf defect All Platforms major
#722 pdl2ark network code handling needs better fix (this is in pdl2ew) new somebody defect major
#724 export_generic crashes against Winston 1.3.13 new somebody defect major
#729 Poor error message Bad IP, export_generic new somebody defect Windows major
#731 lib330 and miniseed new somebody defect major
#733 ewmseedarchiver does not log or warn if it cannot write to the top level archive dir new chad defect All Platforms major
#735 Liss cruft new somebody task All Platforms major
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