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Ticket Summary Status Type Priority Milestone Component
#571 binder_ew shows an error I have never seen before new defect critical All Platforms binder_ew
#190 heli_ewII only accepts full hour time zone changes, some countries (Venezuela have 1/2 hour increments) new defect major All Platforms heli_ewII
#443 binder_ew ChannelPriority not used during stacking phase new defect major All Platforms binder_ew
#444 binder_ew does not relocate event after phases are scavenged new defect major binder_ew
#502 ringdup re-reads its list of SCNL's on the fly new enhancement major All Platforms ringdup_scn
#557 wave_serverV fails with bus error on sparc 64 bit compiles new defect major Solaris Sparc wave_serverV
#562 q2ew missing from Solaris SPARC 64 bit compilation of 7.9 release new defect major Solaris ALL modules
#630 add swap.o to the libew.a library new enhancement major ALL modules
#631 q3302ew needs to allow IPV6 addressing new enhancement major q3302ew
#719 ewhtmlemail needs to have an optional quality for some email recipients new enhancement major ewhtmlemail
#721 arc2trig produces TRIGLIST_SCNL messages that don't comply with standards new defect major All Platforms arc2trig
#717 another binder_ew bug related to dup picks new defect minor All Platforms binder_ew
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