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#538 Earthworm reconfigure failure assigned et defect blocker Linux
#249 upstart startup script for ubuntu new somebody enhancement major
#488 startstop should have a startup delay configurable between processes as an option new somebody enhancement major
#525 Failure to restart modules on OSX 10.10.3 (Yosemite) new somebody defect major OSX Intel
#533 startstop on Linux didn't crash if bogus line in the .d file assigned et defect major Linux
#535 Startstop Dies with HardKillDelay in Windows assigned et defect major Windows
#705 Module says "restarting" when it should say "stopping" new somebody defect major
#709 Startstop says "restarting" on a "stop" new alex defect major All Platforms
#507 Startstop needs to have a CONSOLE rolling logging capability when run as server new somebody enhancement minor
#510 reconfigure command on centos didn't recognize a change to startstop_unix in a very rare case new somebody defect minor
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