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#118 tport_getflag and startstop multithreaded may cause child procs to not get restarted somebody defect blocker 7.5 fixed
#193 startstop v7.6a does not observe reconfigure properly (noticed on a Linux system) paulf defect blocker 7.6 worksforme
#6 startstop does not thread the restart process, it needs to scott enhancement major 7.4 fixed
#113 startstop has problems with restart of a non-existent PID paulf defect major 7.5 fixed
#180 MAX_RING in 2 places, reduce to one somebody defect major 7.6 fixed
#195 pau or quit using 7.5 startstop in 2 different earthworms kills both earthworms somebody defect major 7.6 fixed
#207 reconfigure without having statmgr running causes a weird error message somebody defect major 7.6 fixed
#294 Clean up startstop_unix.d for TS/RS class comments (from solaris) somebody enhancement major 7.7 fixed
#425 startstop didn't log problems issueing RECONFIGURE command to log, only to console somebody enhancement major 7.8 fixed
#205 Reconfigure not happy if you rename a module name, but keep the old id somebody defect trivial 7.6 fixed
#670 Add -32 or -64 suffix to the EARTHWORM SYSTEM STATUS banner somebody enhancement trivial 7.10 fixed

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#709 Startstop says "restarting" on a "stop" alex defect major 7.10
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