source: trunk/src @ 4195

Name Size Rev Age Author Last Change
archiving 4139   10 years kevin Changed to check version before using quality
data_exchange 4193   10 years luetgert Increased BUFLEN to accommodate larger arc files being generated by …
data_sources 4169   10 years quintiliani Added check for function fabs() and added flag -lm, some O.S. require it
diagnostic_tools 4142   10 years kevin Removed newline
display 4190   10 years paulf Ruben Luis Java GUI for alerting from HYP2000ARC messages
grab_bag 4084   10 years saurel Module trig2arc takes a trig2k messages and produces a hyp2000_arc message …
html 3092   14 years paulf added global flags to makefile.sol to get it to work with v7.x ew
libsrc 4194   10 years scott Ewspectra, compute_spectra & sniffspectra
libsrc_cpp 2513   14 years stefan GLOBALFLAGS for c compiler from ew_nt.cmd
reporting 4005   11 years paulf fixed statmgr to not have errors if no mail addresses are provided
seismic_processing 4195   10 years scott Ewthresh (& some fixes for ewspectra)
system_control 4050   10 years stefan added kom.obj dependency in LIBS because of new logit changes
Makefile 4.5 KB 3726   12 years quintiliani Fixed minor bug: changed clean_bin_ with clean_bin_unix
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