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The Earthworm nightly build is run via a bash shell script. At the top of the script are environment variables used by the script. If the commands needed (svn, mail, etc) are not in the path then the script will attempt to read in the $HOME/.bashrc file by default but this may be modified (such as $HOME/.bash_profile) as needed.

Currently the Earthworm nightly build is set up to run as a CrontabUtility job under the user kevin on love:

0 3 * * * /home/kevin/earthworm/ewbuild > /home/kevin/earthworm/earthworm-nightly/cronout.txt 2>&1

and user paulf on

0 1 * * * /home/paulf/earthworm-nightly/ewbuild > /home/paulf/earthworm-nightly/earthworm-nightly/cronout.txt 2>&1

NOTE: The directory where the cron output is written needs to exist before the cron job runs (such as /home/kevin/earthworm/earthworm-nightly/ and /home/paulf/earthworm-nightly/earthworm-nightly/.)

Example Setup

Here is an example of the commands needed to set up the Earthworm nightly build:

export EDITOR=/bin/vi
mkdir -p /home/kevin/earthworm/earthworm-nightly
cd /home/kevin/earthworm
chmod +x ewbuild
crontab -e

The system will then start the editor (specified via EDITOR) where the CrontabUtility command is specified:

0 3 * * * /home/kevin/earthworm/ewbuild > /home/kevin/earthworm/earthworm-nightly/cronout.txt 2>&1


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