11:44 Changeset [5029] by quintiliani
Added a new module: sniffrings sniffrings displays the content of the …
11:26 Changeset [5028] by quintiliani
Small improvement about computation of sleeping time
07:58 Changeset [5027] by quintiliani
Changed syntax for the following functions: CreateSpecificSemaphore_ew(), …


09:42 Changeset [5026] by paulf
one more fix to makefile.nt for test codes…
09:20 Changeset [5025] by paulf
whoops, fixed order of lines in makefile for tester programs
09:18 Changeset [5024] by paulf
first pass at test makefile for Named Event API test codes on Windows
09:06 Changeset [5023] by paulf
upgraded for named event api
09:05 Changeset [5022] by paulf
upgraded for named event api
09:03 Changeset [5021] by paulf
added ew_nevent_message.c linking to Windows Startstop lib
09:00 Changeset [5020] by paulf
added prototype for GetKeyWithDefault?()
08:58 Changeset [5019] by paulf
added ew_nevent_message for win make


17:04 Changeset [5018] by paulf
added TYPE_NAMED_EVENT TWC message for next EW release
16:59 Changeset [5017] by paulf
modified arg 1 of CreateEvent_ew() to match windows
16:59 Changeset [5016] by paulf
needed to link startstop with ew_nevent_message.o now
16:50 Changeset [5015] by paulf
added new named event ring creation to startstop
16:49 Changeset [5014] by paulf
test codes and working Named Event API done
15:18 Changeset [5013] by paulf
cleaned up named event API


17:01 Changeset [5012] by paulf
added new named event api to EW, needs testing still
17:01 Changeset [5011] by paulf
added new named event api to EW, needs testing still


14:50 Changeset [5010] by paulf
comment on loc_wcatwc upgrade to v986
14:42 Changeset [5009] by paulf
updated loc_wcatwc to v986 of EarlyBird? SVN
13:14 Changeset [5008] by luetgert
Fixed file input to make sure 'core' files ignored and deleted. -This …
10:15 Changeset [5007] by paulf
Mm, Theta, Ms added from EarlyBird? to notes


15:19 Changeset [5006] by paulf
added Theta from EarlyBird? to Earthworm for Unix compilation
14:10 Changeset [5005] by scott
Changed "mismatch" message to only be generated at highest debug level
11:07 Changeset [5004] by paulf
added MmNew? as Mm to Earthworm from Earlybird, this is from v986 of ATWC …
10:19 Changeset [5003] by paulf
added Ms EarlyBird? module to Earthworm proper, compiles + runs on Linux …


09:27 Ticket #221 (hyp2000_mgr concatenates the hypo.prt file with each record, can it be a ...) created by paulf
Victor H. at PRSN requests: […] This should be an option in …


15:53 Changeset [5002] by scott
Added/updated version info
13:22 Ticket #220 (ew2rsam and Tbuf2 input seemed not to work) closed by scott
fixed: Fixed in rev 5001.
11:40 Changeset [5001] by scott
Fixed SCN matching when reading TRACEBUF2 messages


15:28 Changeset [5000] by scott
Fixed 2 bugs dealing with dis- & enabling things from config file


17:08 Changeset [4999] by scott
Disabled recognition of EW_RSAM_ALARM messages if EW_RSAM_ALARM isn't …
16:43 Changeset [4998] by scott
Added recognition of EW_RSAM_ALARM messages, as well as parameter for …
15:22 Changeset [4997] by paulf
hyp2000 upgrade notes added for 1.38 version
15:19 Ticket #219 (hypoinverse hyp2000 needs upgrading to version 1.38) closed by paulf
fixed: Upgraded and tested using memphis test. Dateline crossing test performed …
15:17 Changeset [4996] by paulf
upgraded hyp2000_mgr to 1.38 of hypoinverse, version number increased
15:15 Changeset [4995] by paulf
and one more for 1.38 version
15:10 Changeset [4994] by paulf
upgraded hyp2000 for fred klein version 1.38


13:04 Changeset [4993] by withers
added sandia inst id


09:55 Changeset [4992] by paulf
fixed QueueSize? and added Version to usage message


18:02 Ticket #220 (ew2rsam and Tbuf2 input seemed not to work) created by paulf
In a recent test of the new ew2rsam, it worked for writing out Tracebuf2 …
18:00 Ticket #12 (ew2rsam make SCNL compatible) closed by paulf
fixed: Fixed in a new version of ew2rsam that allows output of old style SCN and …
17:58 Ticket #195 (pau or quit using 7.5 startstop in 2 different earthworms kills both ...) closed by paulf
fixed: This was fixed in the new startstop v7.6 where the FLAG_RING can be …
16:12 Ticket #218 (ew2rsam internal queue size is hard coded at 500) closed by scott
fixed: New command (QueueSize?) added to allow queue size to be overridden.
16:01 Changeset [4991] by scott
Added command to override queue size
15:26 Ticket #219 (hypoinverse hyp2000 needs upgrading to version 1.38) created by paulf
Fred Klein created a new version of hypoinverse to fix some international …
09:38 Changeset [4990] by quintiliani
Added the following functions: CreateSpecificSemaphore_ew(), …


14:19 Changeset [4989] by stefan
10:20 Changeset [4988] by quintiliani
Added parameter 'seq' to the functions cpqueuering(), dequeuering() and …
04:20 Changeset [4987] by quintiliani
Added functions cpqueuering(), dequeuering() and enqueuering(), in order …


09:01 Ticket #192 (trig2disk) closed by quintiliani
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