02:58 Changeset [4969] by quintiliani
Added call to WaveMsg2MakeLocal for trace buffer messages
02:13 Changeset [4968] by quintiliani
Function host_fill_db.fn_fill_seisev() can be exectued only after the …
01:56 Changeset [4967] by quintiliani
Fixed minor bug
00:22 Changeset [4966] by quintiliani
Fixed web link to the Italian Earthquke Data Center
00:12 Changeset [4965] by quintiliani
Updated nmxptool to the version 2.1.0 Main feature added is the capability …


08:49 Changeset [4964] by paulf
cleaned up windows NT compile
08:42 Changeset [4963] by paulf
patched pick_wcatwc from latest SVN release of EB


05:00 Changeset [4962] by quintiliani
Supposed the windows library mysqlclient.lib is in …
04:32 Changeset [4961] by quintiliani
Added directory lib under mysql-connector-c-build
04:01 Changeset [4960] by quintiliani
Improvement to makefiles
03:58 Changeset [4959] by quintiliani
Improvement to makefile.ux
03:57 Changeset [4958] by quintiliani
Improvement to makefile.sol
03:48 Changeset [4957] by quintiliani
Some fixes to makefiles for Unix and Solaris
03:38 Changeset [4956] by quintiliani
Minor changes in README
03:33 Changeset [4955] by quintiliani
Added other description to Mole README file
03:31 Changeset [4954] by quintiliani
Added Mole makefiles for Solaris
03:29 Changeset [4953] by quintiliani
Cleaned up ew2moledb makefile.ux
02:19 Changeset [4952] by quintiliani
Added Mole makefiles for unix architectures


13:33 Changeset [4951] by paulf
what the heck, nuked another warning
13:32 Changeset [4950] by paulf
rid another warning in compilation on solaris
13:31 Changeset [4949] by paulf
nuked a function warning in ewshear
13:30 Changeset [4948] by paulf
cleaned up a warning in ewthresh
13:28 Changeset [4947] by paulf
patched up earlybird compiling for solaris
13:26 Changeset [4946] by paulf
makefile.sol clean up for -lm and comments from RCS
13:19 Changeset [4945] by paulf
makefile.sol cleanup in reporting
13:17 Changeset [4944] by paulf
more -lm clean up, in grab_bag this time
13:15 Changeset [4943] by paulf
added LINK_LIBS directive for makefile.sol
13:12 Changeset [4942] by paulf
diagnostic_tools makefile.sol cleaned up
13:08 Changeset [4941] by paulf
cleaned up makefile.sol for ringdup
13:06 Changeset [4940] by paulf
LINK_LIBS and libs cleaned up in export/makefile.sol
13:03 Changeset [4939] by paulf
LINK_LIBS added to ew2file makefile.sol
13:01 Changeset [4938] by paulf
another solaris cleanup for floor() needing -lm with LINK_LIBS env var
13:00 Changeset [4937] by paulf
added LINK_LIBS var to makefile.sol for -lm needed for floor() now
11:45 Changeset [4936] by paulf
notes about gmew and localmag changes
09:42 Changeset [4935] by paulf
added in ResponseInMeters? option, same as localmag, to handle rdseed -pf
09:30 Changeset [4934] by paulf
created new version of localmag that allows ResponseInMeters? option to be …
09:24 Changeset [4933] by paulf
added void setResponseInMeters() to transfer.h
09:23 Changeset [4932] by paulf
added in setResponseInMeters() function to transfer.c for rdseed -pf …
08:04 Changeset [4931] by paulf
cleaned up kom.c gcc compiler warnings
07:22 Changeset [4930] by paulf
cleaned up yet more warnings, this time in transfer.c
07:19 Changeset [4929] by paulf
cleaned up several warnings in gma.c


13:51 Changeset [4928] by paulf
cleaned up some minor compiler warnings in read_arc.c
10:35 Changeset [4927] by paulf
fixed some 64 bit issues with the code, note SAC saving still has issues
08:35 Changeset [4926] by paulf
cleaned up pick_FP make file to use GLOBALFLAGS
07:41 Changeset [4925] by paulf
cleaned up calloc() warnings with size_t casts
07:26 Changeset [4924] by paulf
cleaned up size_t related warnings, and tport_putmsg bufsize warning, …
07:21 Changeset [4923] by paulf
removed 3 warnings from chron3.c, embedded \0 in strings, and floor() …
06:54 Changeset [4922] by quintiliani
Bug fix: since on string variable ChannelNumberMap? the function strcpy is …
06:25 Changeset [4921] by paulf
removed many compiler warnings from ahputaway.c
05:57 Changeset [4920] by quintiliani
Mole Poster prensented in Erice Workshop, May 2012
05:52 Changeset [4919] by quintiliani
Added some other descriptions about installation
05:48 Changeset [4918] by quintiliani
Changes in order to compile mysql-connector-c-6.0.2 as 32-bit library
05:45 Changeset [4917] by quintiliani
Added mysql-connector-c-6.0.2 downloaded from …


11:59 Changeset [4916] by paulf
only changed the month of 1.37 hyp2000 release to when it actually was, …


07:26 Changeset [4915] by paulf
minor bug in ewhtmlemail fopen call
05:04 Changeset [4914] by paulf
restored sendmail syntax for mail command on unix systems, berkeley mail …


09:19 Changeset [4913] by stefan
added EB modules to seismic_processing master Makefile
09:16 Changeset [4912] by stefan
added earlybird to stock lib build
08:47 Changeset [4911] by paulf
2 new makefile.sol files for pick_wcatwc and loc_wcatwc
08:44 Changeset [4910] by paulf
makefile.sol added for EarlyBird? libs code
08:28 Changeset [4909] by stefan
whoops, mistake in makefile.ux for pick_wcatwc


11:40 Changeset [4908] by paulf
earlybirdlib.h synched from ATWC subversion as of today July 12, 2012
11:37 Changeset [4907] by paulf
version from ATWC subversion as of today July 12, 2012. Thanks ATWC guys
07:28 Changeset [4906] by paulf
upgraded earlybirdlib.h to May 2012 public EB release
07:27 Changeset [4905] by paulf
upgraded all EarlyBird? libs to May 2012 public release
07:14 Changeset [4904] by paulf
upgraded to ReadStationData? to May 2012 EB release
06:53 Changeset [4903] by paulf
added ATWC TWC message types to earthworm_global.d for pick_wcatwc and …
06:51 Changeset [4902] by paulf
upgraded to EB public release version May 2012, compile tested only


13:25 Changeset [4901] by paulf
makefile for windows for loc_wcatwc
12:58 Changeset [4900] by paulf
added makefile.nt for earlybird library files
12:57 Changeset [4899] by paulf
makefile for NT for pick_wcatwc
09:47 Changeset [4898] by paulf
earlybird module notes
09:46 Changeset [4897] by paulf
includes need for earlybird modules pick_wcatwc and loc_wcatwc
09:45 Changeset [4896] by paulf
earlybird libs for pick_wcatwc and loc_wcatwc
09:41 Changeset [4895] by paulf
added in EarlyBird? picker and locator to Earthworm UNIX ports, tested on …
08:51 EarthwormTest edited by kevin
06:17 EarthwormCompile edited by kevin


14:10 Changeset [4894] by kevin
Changed default again to use value from elsewhere if defined so that daily …
14:09 Changeset [4893] by paulf
new version of binder_ew v1.0.8 that handles unlinking of poorer quality …
14:01 Changeset [4892] by kohler
Incorporated the error macro code as shown in NI sample programs. Improved …
12:15 Changeset [4891] by paulf
fixed warning about ChannelNumberMap? that was unwarranted
12:02 Ticket #217 (Consistency, availability, and partition tolerance in distributed systems) created by Larry Baker
The February 2012 issue of Computer (IEEE Computer Society) has several …
11:49 Ticket #216 (Winston: patch to the patch for rename/copy channel data) created by Philip Crotwell
So I found an issue with the code I sent you before. [previous code was …
11:02 Changeset [4890] by paulf
putpick and binder_ew mods added to notes
11:00 Changeset [4889] by paulf
added in new feature to putpick to allow delay between pick releases to be …
09:28 Ticket #215 (Heli_ewII timeout bug) created by Email from Branden
It is an old faithful module which is true to our hearts. Nevertheless, I …
07:05 Changeset [4888] by paulf
fixed binder_ew quality test to only concern itself with verticals in …


14:22 Changeset [4887] by paulf
changed association iteration to ignore lower qual picks on same station …
13:26 Changeset [4886] by paulf
cleaned up some checks against SNL for stacking, and save some CPU cycles …
10:33 Changeset [4885] by paulf
modified time check in binder_ew for quality test in stacking phase
09:52 Changeset [4884] by paulf
further binder_ew improvments for stacking checks to allow 3C and …
06:59 Changeset [4883] by paulf
decimate Quiet parameter added to squelch some stderr output


12:54 Changeset [4882] by paulf
added in Quiet parameter option to shut the thing up when gaps and …


19:13 Changeset [4881] by stefan
no MT
18:33 Changeset [4880] by stefan
rid of mt
18:31 Changeset [4879] by stefan
rid of mt
18:29 Changeset [4878] by paulf
removed -mt for completeness
18:28 Changeset [4877] by paulf
removed -mt from ewhtmlemail makefile.ux with MT_FLAG var setting
18:27 Changeset [4876] by paulf
more -mt removals
18:24 Changeset [4875] by paulf
moved -mt flags to MT_FLAG var in makefile.ux for a number of programs
18:21 Changeset [4874] by paulf
removing -mt option
17:33 Changeset [4873] by paulf
cleaned up makefile.ux to include LINK_LIBS env var
17:32 Changeset [4872] by paulf
added LINK_LIBS variable use to makefile.ux for ew2file
17:30 Changeset [4871] by paulf
updated makefile.ux for ring2tank to use -lm flag for RHEL
17:28 Changeset [4870] by paulf
added LINK_LIBS to generic ew_linux.bash for RHEL compiles
17:27 Changeset [4869] by paulf
updated makefile.ux to use LINK_LIBS env var from ew_linux.bash
16:09 Changeset [4868] by stefan
version to svn
16:06 Changeset [4867] by stefan
version to svn and default to manual set, not env set
12:53 Changeset [4866] by paulf
new hypoinverse 1.37 that has a velocity model depth check to avoid seg …
09:10 Ticket #214 (heartbeatless export config docs) created by stefan
Need to add documentation of how this actually works to ewdoc > > On …
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