11:59 Changeset [4263] by paulf
tankcut fix
11:58 Ticket #109 (tank cut) closed by paulf
fixed: Stupid programming mistake, fixed. This was never discovered which tells …
11:57 Changeset [4262] by paulf
fixed tankcut -e option problem, missed a break
11:48 Ticket #110 (localmag at Lamont was modified to allow 2 attenuation relationships, ...) created by paulf
Get the code from Lamont and integrate it with localmag so that a dual …
09:03 Ticket #109 (tank cut) created by stefan
-e for endtime doesn't work for me, though -d works fine. For example: …


18:41 Changeset [4261] by paulf
localmag now has ChannelNumberMap? option
18:39 Changeset [4260] by paulf
fixed for ChannelNumberMap? configuration param
18:28 Changeset [4259] by paulf
added ChannelNumberMap? to map number orientations to common notation ZNE
10:39 Changeset [4258] by stefan
clarify comments
09:19 Changeset [4257] by stefan
clarify comments
06:06 Changeset [4256] by paulf
whoops, redo on that last one, I RTFMed again
06:04 Changeset [4255] by paulf
one more tweak to guard against a windows featurette for its Sleep() …


14:46 Changeset [4254] by paulf
further clean up
14:23 Ticket #107 (slink2ew won't work under windows) closed by paulf
fixed: Fixed with a few windows wrappers for a missing struct timespec and …
14:20 Changeset [4253] by paulf
made it able to compile on windows
10:47 Ticket #86 (Improved function SendMail() and fixed a small memory leak) closed by paulf
10:45 Ticket #108 (put winston build in archiving section) created by paulf
Install the latest winston in SVN in the archiving directory once Tom …
08:43 Changeset [4252] by quintiliani
- SendMail?() now can accept a complete command line, executable and its …
08:40 Ticket #106 (localmag under 7.4 doesn't work on Windows) closed by paulf
fixed: Stefan and I fixed the windows compilation which produced bogus numbers …
08:39 Changeset [4251] by paulf
fixed windows compiler issue that broke windows runs
08:30 Changeset [4250] by paulf
long standing windows compiler issue, fixed, needed to zero output array …


13:45 Ticket #107 (slink2ew won't work under windows) created by paulf
So, I just did a full svn checkout of earthworm, and tried to compile on …
10:11 Ticket #106 (localmag under 7.4 doesn't work on Windows) created by paulf
The localmag code works fine in a new memphis magnitude test we created …


06:46 Changeset [4249] by paulf
added in hint about using rdseed
06:37 Ticket #83 (rmscut_npick needs documenting in the binder_ew command file) closed by paulf
fixed: Actually, this feature is called rmscut_pick (not rmscut_npick). I updated …
06:34 Changeset [4248] by paulf
added rmscut_pick to documentation, even though I made this change at …


23:54 Ticket #98 (clean does not clean everything under Solaris) closed by paulf
fixed: Fixed in r4247, ew2mseed was missing from clean up list in Makefile.
23:53 Changeset [4247] by paulf
fixed for clean up of ew2mseed
23:46 Ticket #90 (wave_serverV needs better optional logging when PacketSyncDb is used) closed by paulf
fixed: cleaned up logging of overlaps in r4246
23:46 Changeset [4246] by paulf
another logging fix to close ticket #90
13:26 Ticket #91 (scnl2scn problem at some sites) closed by paulf
fixed: I think this was a read herring. There was a bug in sniffwave that I just …
13:11 Changeset [4245] by paulf
fixed sniffwave so that it REALLY sees SCN and SNCL, ouch\!
11:41 Ticket #81 (update sniffwave docs cmd and ovr to reflect 7.4 changes) closed by paulf
fixed: Fixed the overview document (there is no cmd document since no .d files …
11:40 Changeset [4244] by paulf
modified for new behavior to allow viewing of both SCN and SCNL tracebufs
11:31 Changeset [4243] by paulf
minor tweak to warning message for packet timing issues


13:26 Ticket #94 (Rename/move pipe created by startstop in log directory) closed by paulf
fixed: Changed the behavior so that the file is now hidden (for unix systems) by …
13:25 Changeset [4242] by paulf
fixed named pipe being picked up by grep etc in logs by making it hidden
10:40 Ticket #70 (fix carlsub/sta trig docs to have SCNL instead of SCN) closed by paulf
fixed: Cleaned this up in both sets of docs. SCN is now SCNL and new message …
10:39 Changeset [4241] by paulf
fixed message names
10:36 Changeset [4240] by paulf
fixed to be SCNL compliant
10:30 Changeset [4239] by paulf
more tweaking of message about invalid tracebufs
10:29 Ticket #92 (wave_serverV invalid packet message needs to be more clear) closed by paulf
fixed: Okay, I cleaned up this message and updated the version number of …
08:16 Changeset [4238] by paulf
minor change to invalid packet message to make it a bit more clear
07:02 Ticket #74 (Env Var expansion in .d files) closed by paulf
fixed: This works great. I am closing this ticket! This common variable trick …
06:53 Ticket #69 (Contrib bundle (release a new copy, freeze CVS, convert to SVN project)) closed by paulf
fixed: This was done last year!
06:52 Ticket #59 (wave_serverV errors) closed by paulf
wontfix: This looks like it was a comm error or system load error. Ignoring for …


13:49 Ticket #87 (sniffring has a -D_NOFLUSH compile time flag that should be made into an ...) closed by paulf
fixed: Updated in r4235, now has -n option: <pre> Usage 1: sniffring [-n] …
13:45 Changeset [4237] by paulf
sniffring changes for -n option
13:44 Changeset [4236] by paulf
added in -n usage, and verbose usage that was missing
13:39 Changeset [4235] by paulf
added -n option to not flush the ring before sniffing
07:13 Ticket #8 (Winston startup script wrong) closed by stefan
fixed: This is fixed. I believe I checked this fix in to AVO svn some time ago, …


06:30 Changeset [4234] by scott
Updated version number in startstop to reflect changes posted on 5/17


13:02 Ticket #88 (ew2file seg faults on Red Hat Linux 64 bit) closed by paulf
fixed: I just tested this on Linux, a Fedora Core system with 64bit processor and …
12:41 Changeset [4233] by paulf
fixed makefile to remove a copy
09:53 Ticket #85 (update eqcoda command page to include LogArcMsg directive) closed by paulf
09:53 Changeset [4232] by paulf
added in ForceExtrapolate? and LogArcMsg? to command for eqcoda module


05:51 Changeset [4231] by paulf
added ifdef for _MACOSX for timezone struct
05:43 Changeset [4230] by withers
comment comment


15:33 Changeset [4229] by lombard
Upgrade to qlib2 version 1.50 from UCB. See qlib2_version.h for summary of …


13:34 Changeset [4228] by scott
Removed debugging code from ewnotify
12:58 Changeset [4227] by scott
Updated release_notes.working
12:55 Changeset [4226] by scott
New module ewnotify w/ documentation; fixed docs for ewthresh; changed …


11:30 Changeset [4225] by scott
Fixed bug in Windows version of new tport_flush
06:13 Ticket #82 (Function to flush a ring) closed by scott
fixed: Added tport_flush() to transport library.


14:24 Changeset [4224] by scott
Ticket #82: Function to flush a ring
09:34 Changeset [4223] by scott
Added activated_scripts module; updated release notes
09:16 Changeset [4222] by scott
Updates to recent updates for Solaris & WIndows builds


12:11 Ticket #93 (Startstop blank error msg on restart request) closed by scott
11:35 Changeset [4221] by scott
Ticket #93: Startstop was sending a blank error msg on restart request


13:15 Changeset [4220] by withers
deleted interactive.html
13:06 Changeset [4219] by withers
removed text that references inteactive earthworm from the history of the …
12:56 Changeset [4218] by scott
Documentation for changes to gmew
12:55 Changeset [4217] by scott
Allow gmew processing to be triggered by an ACTIVATE_MODULE message
08:25 Changeset [4216] by paulf
modified release date for 7.5
08:13 Ticket #97 (add INGV pick_ew notes to EW SVN) closed by paulf
08:12 Changeset [4215] by paulf
updated for release 7.5, well, started updates anyway
08:11 Changeset [4214] by paulf
added the INGV pick_ew tuning report by Mele et al.
07:58 Ticket #96 (ew2file write one file) closed by paulf
07:58 Changeset [4213] by paulf
added the OneFilePerMessage? option (commented out) to the .d file
07:57 Changeset [4212] by paulf
updated the ew2file.d from the change for OneFilePerMessage? option
07:52 Changeset [4211] by paulf
modification to ew2file to write all messages to a single file instead of …
07:19 Ticket #73 (NonLinLoc - nll_mgr and nll need to be added to Earthworm) closed by paulf
07:09 Changeset [4210] by paulf
nll_mgr added to notes
06:48 Changeset [4209] by paulf
removed USGS logos etc
06:45 Changeset [4208] by paulf
mods to add in nll_mgr
06:45 Changeset [4207] by paulf
new nll_mgr overview from Contrib
06:44 Changeset [4206] by paulf
new command for nll_mgr
06:39 Changeset [4205] by paulf
NonLinLoc? Manager moved from Contrib to ew trunk
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