13:15 Changeset [4220] by withers
deleted interactive.html
13:06 Changeset [4219] by withers
removed text that references inteactive earthworm from the history of the …
12:56 Changeset [4218] by scott
Documentation for changes to gmew
12:55 Changeset [4217] by scott
Allow gmew processing to be triggered by an ACTIVATE_MODULE message
08:25 Changeset [4216] by paulf
modified release date for 7.5
08:13 Ticket #97 (add INGV pick_ew notes to EW SVN) closed by paulf
08:12 Changeset [4215] by paulf
updated for release 7.5, well, started updates anyway
08:11 Changeset [4214] by paulf
added the INGV pick_ew tuning report by Mele et al.
07:58 Ticket #96 (ew2file write one file) closed by paulf
07:58 Changeset [4213] by paulf
added the OneFilePerMessage? option (commented out) to the .d file
07:57 Changeset [4212] by paulf
updated the ew2file.d from the change for OneFilePerMessage? option
07:52 Changeset [4211] by paulf
modification to ew2file to write all messages to a single file instead of …
07:19 Ticket #73 (NonLinLoc - nll_mgr and nll need to be added to Earthworm) closed by paulf
07:09 Changeset [4210] by paulf
nll_mgr added to notes
06:48 Changeset [4209] by paulf
removed USGS logos etc
06:45 Changeset [4208] by paulf
mods to add in nll_mgr
06:45 Changeset [4207] by paulf
new nll_mgr overview from Contrib
06:44 Changeset [4206] by paulf
new command for nll_mgr
06:39 Changeset [4205] by paulf
NonLinLoc? Manager moved from Contrib to ew trunk


13:51 WikiStart edited by paulf
13:51 WikiStart edited by paulf
13:50 WikiStart edited by paulf
13:49 ew_earthw_emails.png attached to WikiStart by paulf
EW earthw emails 2001-2010


12:22 Changeset [4204] by scott
Proposed fix for Solaris build of ew_spectra_io


12:56 Changeset [4203] by scott
Added activate_module & its message type; modified ewspectra to use it


13:32 Changeset [4202] by scott
Updated to reflect latest commits
13:26 EarthwormCompile edited by stefan
13:22 Changeset [4201] by paulf
updated for tankplayer fix (ticket 105 in trac)
13:20 Ticket #105 (tankplayer) closed by paulf
fixed: Fixed with adding the heartbeat to the directory scanning loop. See …
13:03 Changeset [4200] by scott
Fixed type in lib/util makefile
12:56 EarthwormCompile edited by stefan
12:33 Changeset [4199] by paulf
fixed a problem with the directory searching option, no heartbeats issued …
12:29 Ticket #105 (tankplayer) created by stefan
tankplayer on Ubuntu 10.04 does not issue heartbeats beyond the first one. …


12:01 Changeset [4198] by scott
Added ewthresh documentation; fixed earthworm.d


13:55 Changeset [4197] by scott
Removed binary from version control
13:53 Changeset [4196] by scott
Fixed ewthresh to only handle TRACEBUF2X messages
13:49 Changeset [4195] by scott
Ewthresh (& some fixes for ewspectra)
12:20 Changeset [4194] by scott
Ewspectra, compute_spectra & sniffspectra
10:04 Changeset [4193] by luetgert
Increased BUFLEN to accommodate larger arc files being generated by …


16:19 Changeset [4192] by saurel


07:03 Changeset [4191] by paulf
note about Rubens code EWQuakeAlert
07:01 Changeset [4190] by paulf
Ruben Luis Java GUI for alerting from HYP2000ARC messages
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