13:08 Changeset [3676] by paulf
fixed the links to the Orfeus newsletters
11:37 Ticket #7 (wave_serverV async mode cannot handle US network broadband data) created by paulf
The 40sps sample stream from the US network seems to cause havoc with Ron …


11:54 Changeset [3675] by tim
Put fix in the wrong place, corrected
11:48 Changeset [3674] by tim
Fix bug in wfdisc putaway routines where total samples in a wfdisc record …
11:11 Changeset [3673] by lombard
renamed to eqverify_assemble
11:07 Changeset [3672] by lombard
Added eqverify_assemble.


11:11 Changeset [3671] by lombard
Added new program eqverify_assemble. This is a small change from eqverify …
11:06 Changeset [3670] by lombard
Added field to FinalRule? called "secQualifier" which specifies when the …
09:50 Changeset [3669] by stefan
formatting change only


12:19 Changeset [3668] by paulf
sniffwave modifications made during EW class #7
11:43 Changeset [3667] by stefan
formatting change only
11:42 Changeset [3666] by stefan
fixed gettimeofday by using Microsoft's suggested method in Remarks …


06:20 Ticket #6 (startstop does not thread the restart process, it needs to) created by paulf
Since startstop is not multithreaded for handling messages, any restart …


21:42 Ticket #5 (Environment variable ordering) created by stefan
I'm thinking of changing this line in ew_nt.cmd: set …
21:27 Ticket #4 (Startstop to detect multiple rings with same ID) created by stefan
From Philip Crotwell: Found another small oddity. I was going to set up …
21:22 Ticket #3 (combine .d and .desc files) created by stefan
From Philip Crotewell: A bigger change, but having both a .d and a .desc …
21:18 Ticket #2 (.d Heartbeat uniformity) created by stefan
From Philip Crotwell: the example heartbeats in at least some param files …
21:14 WikiStart edited by stefan
21:14 WikiStart edited by stefan
21:14 WikiStart edited by stefan
21:06 Ticket #1 (Unhardcode startstop's named pipe) created by stefan
On Windows, startstop creates a named pipe called "HydraStartstopPipe?" …
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06:18 Changeset [3665] by paulf
fixed a number of loose ends from the new features, namely when the filter …
05:46 Changeset [3664] by withers
added inst_ncpa


12:21 Changeset [3663] by paulf
upped the version number
12:11 Changeset [3662] by paulf
fixed windows specific include
11:56 Changeset [3661] by paulf
many changes from the EW Class #7, latency, gap checking, and statistics …
11:42 Changeset [3660] by paulf
added in gettimeofday() for windows
11:40 Changeset [3659] by paulf
added in windows version of gettimeofday


10:40 Changeset [3658] by paulf
fixed for windows
08:29 Changeset [3657] by paulf
minor change to fix verbosity setting reading, during EW Class #7


10:55 Changeset [3656] by quintiliani
Added files for raypicker compilation on MAC OS X
10:46 Changeset [3655] by quintiliani
Added check for compilation on MAC OS X
10:44 Changeset [3654] by quintiliani
Start for compilation on MAC OS X
08:21 Changeset [3653] by quintiliani
sniffwave: Added latency computation for each incoming tracebuf message.


19:36 Changeset [3652] by quintiliani
Minor bug fix: removed unuseful lines about latency computation
14:47 Changeset [3651] by stefan
remove comments that don't apply
12:49 Changeset [3650] by tim
Add wfdisc documentation to trig2disk docs
12:04 Changeset [3649] by tim
Fixing issue found in valgrind: Conditional jump or move depends on …
08:22 Changeset [3648] by quintiliani
Added the computation of latency (seconds) of the current tracebuf message
08:20 Changeset [3647] by tim
Add archman docs
08:15 Changeset [3646] by stefan
4096 max msg size
07:47 Changeset [3645] by tim
Add archman documentation
07:46 Changeset [3644] by tim
Add documentation overview for archman


13:44 Changeset [3643] by tim
Add info on wfdisc format
13:41 Changeset [3642] by tim
* empty log message *
13:15 Changeset [3641] by tim
Fix preixesting fprintf formatting bug and fi config param name
13:09 Changeset [3640] by tim
* empty log message *
12:53 Changeset [3639] by tim
Adding support for config option to turn off continuous output


15:56 Changeset [3638] by dietz
* empty log message *
15:49 Changeset [3637] by dietz
Added network code argument to the "RequestSOH" command and SOH reporting
14:41 Changeset [3636] by dietz
Corrected NMX model definitions
10:52 Changeset [3635] by dietz
* empty log message *
10:33 Changeset [3634] by dietz
Changed debug logging in packet-reading code (nmx_api.c) and …
08:49 Changeset [3633] by tim
Added info on bug and changes to archman
08:44 Changeset [3632] by tim
* empty log message *
08:42 Changeset [3631] by tim
Add documentation for the wfdisc_params.d file
08:37 Changeset [3630] by tim
forgot to update "last edited time"
08:35 Changeset [3629] by tim
Add information on wfdisc_params.d content
08:26 Changeset [3628] by ilya
changed location of wfdisc_params.d from the storage dir to EW_PARAMS env …
08:13 Changeset [3627] by ilya
Fixed jdate support, cleaned up code
07:52 Changeset [3626] by ilya
Fixed month in tm_to_gregorian
06:53 Changeset [3625] by tim
Add support for converting tm struct to gregorian struct, needed to …
06:52 Changeset [3624] by tim
Add support for tm_to_gregorian function, which converts from tm struct to …


13:12 Changeset [3623] by tim
Changed behavior for when the file does not exist
13:03 Changeset [3622] by tim
Adding support for wfdisc param file
12:20 Changeset [3621] by tim
Adding support for wfdisc params struct
08:41 Changeset [3620] by tim
added more support for deleting empty wfdisc files


12:44 Changeset [3619] by tim
Fix logging issue
12:32 Changeset [3618] by tim
Change behaviour so it write the block file after every time data is …
11:50 Changeset [3617] by tim
* empty log message *
11:49 Changeset [3616] by tim
Only open file if there are pending requests


14:38 Changeset [3615] by tim
* empty log message *
14:37 Changeset [3614] by tim
fix declaration of prev_samples
14:35 Changeset [3613] by tim
Fix problem with creating too many wfdisc records, now a new record is …
08:25 Changeset [3612] by tim
Change .w filename structure
08:02 Changeset [3611] by tim
Had to shorten .w filename
07:21 Changeset [3610] by tim
Get rid of more debugging output
07:20 Changeset [3609] by tim
Get rid of some debugging lines
07:11 Changeset [3608] by tim
Adding support for wfdisc format


08:20 Changeset [3607] by tim
Added archman
07:43 Changeset [3606] by tim
fix filename format


13:22 Changeset [3605] by tim
Add support for foff(file byte offset) so all data per channel is stored …
13:21 Changeset [3604] by tim
Added support for StartTime? to the .d file
13:18 Changeset [3603] by tim
Fixed bug with reading time from archman.dat, it was reading UTC time and …
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