14:31 Changeset [6989] by withers
added INST_RIO


16:12 Changeset [6988] by baker


17:49 Changeset [6987] by baker
16:46 Changeset [6986] by baker
fix TRIM macro


22:11 Ticket #587 (Add timestamps to logit debugging messages in libsrc/util/ws2ts.c) closed by baker
fixed: Applied in r6985.
22:06 Changeset [6985] by baker
add timestamps to logit debugging messages
22:03 Changeset [6984] by baker
fix an off-by-one error and add more sanity checks
00:31 Changeset [6983] by baker
link sqlite3 before the libraries it needs
00:08 Ticket #587 (Add timestamps to logit debugging messages in libsrc/util/ws2ts.c) created by baker
If no one objects, I'd like to add timestamps to some logit debugging …


23:46 Changeset [6982] by baker
support 64-bit inode numbers (OSX 10.5 and later)
23:17 Changeset [6981] by baker
22:34 Changeset [6980] by baker
clean src/libsrc/{libew.a,libew_mt.a}
21:37 Changeset [6979] by baker
name log file as .d file instead of progname
18:58 Ticket #586 (Illegal character in environment/earthworm_global.d (not UTF-8?)) created by baker
Line 129 in environment/earthworm_global.d is causing problems on Mac: …
18:03 Changeset [6978] by baker
garbage character in comments (caused sed to barf)
10:42 Ticket #585 (COSMOS V0 putaway functions needed) created by paulf
COSMOS V0 putaway functions are needed for trig2disk and waveman2disk to …
10:41 Ticket #584 (ms2tank converter doesn't handle IEEE floating point conversion) created by paulf
TRACEBUF2 packets are in counts so there needs to be a conversion factor …
10:05 Changeset [6977] by paulf
updated with ms2tank changes, very minor
10:03 Changeset [6976] by paulf
modified ms2tank to echo back the byte-encoding if it is not one that it …


23:43 Ticket #583 (Update archiving/tankplayer_tools/sac2tb) closed by baker
23:43 Ticket #583 (Update archiving/tankplayer_tools/sac2tb) created by baker
Update archiving/tankplayer_tools/sac2tb: • Add sanity checks for …
23:35 Changeset [6975] by baker
validate command-line options, fix buffer overflows, handle undefined SAC …
21:56 Ticket #582 (data_sources/q2ew fails to compile on Linux) created by baker
data_sources/q2ew fails to compile on Linux: […] gcc can't find …
21:17 Ticket #581 (32-bit Earthworm can fail when inode numbers or file offsets are larger ...) closed by baker
fixed: According to the GNU libc manual page …
21:03 Changeset [6974] by baker
Linux Large File Support for 32-bit compiles


19:46 Changeset [6973] by baker
add -g to GLOBALFLAGS and FFLAGS for debugging
19:23 Ticket #581 (32-bit Earthworm can fail when inode numbers or file offsets are larger ...) created by baker
Shane Ingate reported on 13 June 2017 in Earthworm Forum a failure in …


12:14 Changeset [6972] by alexander
creating new branch for IPv6 work
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