16:58 Changeset [6956] by scott
v1.5.5: Fixed units for PGA; get area & region codes from site file


15:48 Changeset [6955] by scott
v0.9.7: Fixed -ExcludeNetworks? argument


17:09 Changeset [6954] by scott
v0.9.6 Added network filtering option
15:58 Changeset [6953] by scott
v0.9.9 Ignores .ark files for events already processed
15:58 Changeset [6952] by scott
v1.5.4: Put regions instead of areas in Subject
09:28 Changeset [6951] by saurel
Wrong code committed before, this is the 1s packet corrected one
09:03 Ticket #552 (ew2rsam assumes 1 second packets for period computation) closed by paulf
fixed: Closing this one as I trust Jean-Marie's efforts and I quickly looked over …


16:45 Changeset [6950] by scott
v1.5.3: Fixed generation of area codes for subject line


17:15 Changeset [6949] by scott
Added info about relative paths
16:01 Changeset [6948] by scott
Identified Java version.
16:00 Changeset [6947] by scott
Updated with example of how to use utc2localtime.py
15:04 Changeset [6946] by scott
Added locations for necessary python modules
14:57 Changeset [6945] by scott
Recognize new dame file format; display areas in subject
12:41 Changeset [6944] by paulf
fixed typo in GMT script
11:40 Changeset [6943] by paulf
minor mod with logging of GMT script build
11:06 Changeset [6942] by paulf
added in fixes to GMT script output when verbose=2


10:46 Changeset [6941] by paulf
first check-in of eqmaxel, new maximum likelihood earthquake locator by …
09:30 Changeset [6940] by paulf
cleaned up some minor logit issues in eqassemble


15:10 Changeset [6939] by paulf
added new capability to eqassemble Debug option to put out the …
08:00 Changeset [6938] by saurel
Make code work correctly with variable length data packets such as the …
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