06/27/17: Today

08:48 Ticket #579 (ewhtmlemail needs to have an optional eqk location only map) created by paulf
Please add to ewhtmlemail an detail of the earthquake as an option.. …


11:11 Ticket #578 (add a disclaimer feature to ewhtmlemail) created by paulf
Add a disclaimer capability for ewhtmlemail, for the end of the email.
11:05 Ticket #577 (add other EmailRecipient feature for quality to ewhtmlemail) created by paulf
It would be nice if we have a Quality factor added to gmewhtmlemail's …


16:33 Changeset [6936] by scott
Initial round of tasks from 3/22 document


05:28 Ticket #576 (archman, bad log name, won't use ew_commonvars) created by stefan
two instances of archman run {{{ archman 7904 Alive ??/ …


14:06 Changeset [6935] by withers
added INST_EOS


19:36 Ticket #575 (allow Earthworm to use ew_win.cmd on Windows) created by stefan
Change the source file for windows to something like ew_win.cmd instead of …


10:06 Changeset [6934] by paulf
cleaned up some string length checking


21:18 Changeset [6933] by paulf
fixed lat,lon,depth qml values to include <value> elements


15:16 Ticket #573 (statmgr fails on Mac OS X version 10.12.5 (Sierra)) closed by paulf
fixed: This problem was caused by a string overflow (strcpy of the sysName into a …
15:15 Changeset [6932] by paulf
make sure that strncpy() solution is null terminated in case it is too big
15:09 Changeset [6931] by paulf
updated statmgr to fix an overflow detection, thansk to JeongBeom? Seo for …


10:45 Ticket #574 (Not My Child) created by stefan
When statmgr requests a restart on Earthworm 7.9, the below message comes …


16:13 Changeset [6930] by paulf
updated pick_FP with new version
16:11 Changeset [6929] by paulf
fixed a bug in offline_mode, new version 0.0.6
15:25 Ticket #573 (statmgr fails on Mac OS X version 10.12.5 (Sierra)) created by paulf
I don't have a Mac of this OS flavor "Sierra", but in Earthworm class …


21:00 Changeset [6928] by stefan
Visual Studio 2017 Community
20:58 Changeset [6927] by stefan
does anyone use geqproc? It failed on a compile with the latest Visual …
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