09:23 Changeset [7596] by paulf
minor logging changes to localmag


15:43 Ticket #518 (nll_mgr should be SCNL compliant) closed by paulf
fixed: This was closed by Jean-Marie by the addition of the directive in the …
14:29 Changeset [7595] by paulf
added Hyp2000arcCompatibilityMode mention in the nll_mgr.d
13:45 Ticket #677 (startstop may restart some modules twice) created by paulf
Jin-Koo Lee reports: I found some critical(?) bug. In specific condition, …


10:43 Changeset [7594] by quintiliani
Fix in parse_arc(), check if cur_sdw == NULL


18:07 Ticket #674 (gmew needs to have a way to identify horizontal channels that are numbers) closed by paulf
fixed: Closed with r7593 by adding ChannelNumberMap? to orientation mapping.
18:06 Changeset [7593] by paulf
added ChannelNumberMap? to gmew to map numbers to components....before this …


00:13 Changeset [7592] by paulf
minor fix to SeisComp? playback


15:37 Changeset [7591] by paulf
added Debug flag to .d file for nll_mgr, and version numbers
10:25 Changeset [7590] by paulf
change order of ML in Detailed Subject
09:12 Changeset [7589] by paulf
a minor change to only plot one marker for each station, this was a bug in …
08:40 Changeset [7588] by paulf
added a limit to the number of markers on GE maps to 25


22:51 Changeset [7587] by stefan
svn fail try 2
22:50 Changeset [7586] by stefan
signing make clean works
22:49 Changeset [7585] by stefan
signing make clean works
22:28 Changeset [7584] by stefan
add signing for google maps in ewhtmlemail
22:24 Changeset [7583] by stefan
windows makefile
22:23 Changeset [7582] by stefan
windows makefile
22:23 Changeset [7581] by stefan
add signing for google maps in ewhtmlemail
22:21 Changeset [7580] by stefan
windows makefile
21:59 Changeset [7579] by stefan
inline issue with Windows C compiler
08:59 Ticket #676 (ewhmtlemail map signing needed on Windows) created by paulf
the ewhtmlemail with signing only compiles and works on Linux right now. …
08:58 Ticket #675 (ewhtmlemail static map URL needs to be limited to 2048 chars) created by paulf
After 2048 chars, the URL won't work...so we have to limit the number of …


10:23 Changeset [7578] by stefan
cleaned up a few issues still on a modern compiler
09:58 Changeset [7577] by paulf
updated version date
08:20 Changeset [7576] by paulf
fixed a bug in URL encoding of ewhtmlemail map
08:05 Changeset [7575] by paulf
removed my test key from the signing dir


14:41 Changeset [7574] by paulf
switched to url encoding for signing map
13:28 Changeset [7573] by paulf
hmac-sha1 signing fixed, i think
12:52 Changeset [7572] by paulf
updated ewhtmlemail with more debugging and some fixes
11:52 Changeset [7571] by paulf
minor logit revision to new ewhtmlemail version
11:46 Changeset [7570] by paulf
added signing to makefile.unix of util for now
11:30 Changeset [7569] by paulf
added 2 needed includes for signing
11:30 Changeset [7568] by paulf
removed other cruft from signing bundle
11:29 Changeset [7567] by paulf
removed .git tags for repo for encode decode in signing
11:29 Changeset [7566] by paulf
added in signing for google earth static maps
11:25 Changeset [7565] by paulf
added google earth signing of url with GoogleEarthSecret? option
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