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tankplayer may delay first packet going out by a second

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Component: tankplayer Version: 8.0
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The EEW group is finding a weird delay in the first packet reported by tankplayer, and they also request some debug info added to the Debug flag. See email below from Deborah Smith

We won't do this for EW7.10 as it is a bit late for that, but soon after we can make this mod for them.

Hi Paul,

Thank you for looking into this.  I do appreciate it.

If you confirm that tankplayer publishes the first packet without waiting for the packet duration, do let me now.   Right now, I changed the following tankplayer.d settings to 1 second delay to account for this.  This has fixed most of the difference.
Pause         1               # seconds to pause between wavefiles

StartUpDelay  1               # seconds to wait before playing 1st file

In addition, our T&C programmer has implemented a fix that more precisely captures the start time (in case there are differences due to start-up delays).  It involves running tanksniff automatically on the tankfile and summing it with the time offset from the tankplayer log.

So if you do add information to the tankplayer log file with a debug flag, the following information would be most helpful.
<original start time of the first packet>  <original end time of the last packet>
Original times are the unshifted times.  With these times and the timeshift, the other times can be calculated.  
The original times are effectively the output we are currently getting from tanksniff; hence, this change to tankplayer isn't urgent but I would consider it for any future development.   

Best wishes,
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