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Heli_ewII timeout bug

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Component: heli_ewII Version: 7.6
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It is an old faithful module which is true to our hearts. Nevertheless, I might have stumbled upon a bug in heli_ewII, though it may actually be coded intentionally to perform this way.


I have data pumping into EW with slink2ew. Before it gets to slink2ew, the data enter a SL server from many different sources: other SL servers, RTPD, Scream, you name it. But, in the end it all gets dumped to EW via slink2ew and then passes to a WWS via an export_scnl.

I had a heli_ewII module that kept dying repeatedly. The error was:

Errors in the logs

heli_ewII_Nov24: RequestWave?: Issuing request to wsGetTraceAsciiL: server: 16023

ABE2 HHZ TC -- 1340653380.000000 1340653380.000000 1340653440.000000 30000

heli_ewII_Nov24: RequestWave?: server: 16023

20120625_UTC_19:58:14 wsWaitAscii timed out

heli_ewII_Nov24: RequestWave?: server: 16023 Trace ABE2 HHZ TC --: Timeout to wave server. Try again.

The request to the WWS would timeout and the module would die. Here is where I think there lies a bug. If there is a timeout for a single station request to the wave server, shouldn't the module just march ahead and keep going about its business (logging the error but skipping over the trouble maker)? Perhaps not, but otherwise it forces the re-generation of the entire list of gifs upon a statmgr induced restart.

The Solution

In the end, eliminating the RTPD stations fixed the problem. There is likely a timing issue with that group.

Kind Regards,

Branden Christensen OSOP, Panama

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