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#714 fixed ah putaway and libtirpc somebody stefan

/usr/include/rpc isn't there on RHEL 8.

libtirpc can be yum installed, and /usr/include/libtirpc must be added to the include path for ah librc util, and maybe waveman2disk

#706 fixed hyp2000_mgr on Centos7.6 is failling in production for HVO lashup somebody paulf

Okay, we got some weirdness. This is on Centos7.6. 64bit This same hyp2000_mgr passes the memphis test just fine.....but when I run it on a production HVO lashup it fails with this -83 code.

20190322_UTC_13:41:24 hyp2000_mgr: Version 1.48 2019/2/19 hypoinverse-1.43
20190322_UTC_13:41:24 hyp2000_mgr: Read command file <eq/hyp2000_mgr.d>
20190322_UTC_13:41:24 hyp2000_mgr: Initialized hypoinverse with file <eq/hypoinverse/hvo2.hyp.2000>
20190322_UTC_13:48:00 hyp2000_mgr: HYPINV returned -83 while executing <LOC>.
20190322_UTC_13:48:00 hyp2000_mgr: Nonfatal error(s) locating event.
20190322_UTC_13:48:00 hyp2000_mgr: Error reading arcfile <hypoMgrArcOut32>
#704 fixed ew_nt.cmd somebody stefan

ew_nt.cmd doesn't properly set %TARGET% so Fortran environment variables can't be set.

The 'FORTRAN 32' below is my debug statement: echo FORTRAN %EW_BITS% %TARGET% You'll see that %TARGET% is blank. I don't understand why it isn't set because if I execute the previous not remmed lines, it looks like it should work

E:\earthworm\earthworm_7.10beta32\environment>   Set target=

E:\earthworm\earthworm_7.10beta32\environment>   If "%EW_BITS%" == "32" ( Set target=ia32    )

E:\earthworm\earthworm_7.10beta32\environment>   If "%EW_BITS%" == "64" ( Set target=intel64 )

E:\earthworm\earthworm_7.10beta32\environment>   echo FORTRAN %EW_BITS% %TARGET%
FORTRAN 32 ia32

but if I run the ew_nt.cmd, neither Visual Studio nor Fortran gets set; I get an error:

 ifortvars.bat [-arch] <arch> [vs] [-platform <platform>]

   <arch> must be is one of the following
       ia32         : Set up for IA-32 target
       intel64      : Set up for Intel(R) 64 target
   If specified, <vs> must be one of the following
       vs2013      : Set to use Microsoft Visual Studio* 2013
       vs2013shell : Set to use Microsoft Visual Studio* Shell 2013
       vs2015      : Set to use Microsoft Visual Studio* 2015
       vs2015shell : Set to use Microsoft Visual Studio* Shell 2015
       vs2017      : Set to use Microsoft Visual Studio* 2017
   If <vs> is not specified, the version of Visual Studio* detected at install
   time is used.
   <platform> must be of the following.
       linux          : Set to Linux* target.
       android        : Set to Android* target.

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