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(edit) @5054   6 years cochrane Fixed a problem with saving more then one PSN Event file.
(edit) @5053   6 years paulf minor change to UseS flag for eqassemble, it is now a boolean option
(edit) @5052   6 years paulf added SeparatePRTdir option to hyp2000_mgr to write named PRT files
(edit) @5051   6 years paulf added pau to startstop for windoze
(edit) @5050   6 years paulf added pau to startstop for UNIX and solaris
(edit) @5049   6 years paulf new ewhtmlemail version with fixed header label of waveforms (duration was …
(edit) @5048   6 years paulf listed start time and duration of time-series in the plot header
(edit) @5047   6 years paulf added MaxDuration? setting to ewhtmlemail to limit the length of plots, in …
(edit) @5046   6 years paulf fixed bug in gmew for different location codes for same SCN, …
(edit) @5045   6 years paulf minor compilation change to loc_wcatwc to allow tankplayer playback tests …
(edit) @5044   6 years paulf added a check for taulib.c tabin() func for path being too large
(edit) @5043   6 years quintiliani Main improvements: - ew2moledb can read messages from multiple rings …
(edit) @5042   6 years quintiliani work-around, replace ';' with ',' in ew error message. TODO: Fix that when …
(edit) @5041   6 years quintiliani Changed logit options
(edit) @5040   6 years philip add message type 35 for miniseed records
(edit) @5039   6 years paulf found that there was a strcat that allowed for too short a unix filename
(edit) @5038   6 years kevin Update to Swarm 2.3 beta
(edit) @5037   6 years scott Fixed MaxMsgSize? issue (ticket #222)
(edit) @5036   6 years scott Fixed MaxMsgSize? issue & altered test for rejecting messages based on net …
(edit) @5035   6 years quintiliani Added sniffrings compilation in diagnostic_tools Makefile
(edit) @5034   6 years quintiliani Added ew_date17_test.c and some minor refinements to makefile.ux
(edit) @5033   6 years paulf fixed it so that DNS names can be used in waveman2disk, also added a …
(edit) @5032   6 years quintiliani Added ew_nevent_message in order to compile startstop on Solaris
(edit) @5031   6 years ilya Added notes on ew2mseed mods
(edit) @5030   6 years ilya Modified ew2mseed to write data in big-endian format accroding to IRIS …
(edit) @5029   6 years quintiliani Added a new module: sniffrings sniffrings displays the content of the …
(edit) @5028   6 years quintiliani Small improvement about computation of sleeping time
(edit) @5027   6 years quintiliani Changed syntax for the following functions: CreateSpecificSemaphore_ew(), …
(edit) @5026   6 years paulf one more fix to makefile.nt for test codes…
(edit) @5025   6 years paulf whoops, fixed order of lines in makefile for tester programs
(edit) @5024   6 years paulf first pass at test makefile for Named Event API test codes on Windows
(edit) @5023   6 years paulf upgraded for named event api
(edit) @5022   6 years paulf upgraded for named event api
(edit) @5021   6 years paulf added ew_nevent_message.c linking to Windows Startstop lib
(edit) @5020   6 years paulf added prototype for GetKeyWithDefault?()
(edit) @5019   6 years paulf added ew_nevent_message for win make
(edit) @5018   6 years paulf added TYPE_NAMED_EVENT TWC message for next EW release
(edit) @5017   6 years paulf modified arg 1 of CreateEvent_ew() to match windows
(edit) @5016   6 years paulf needed to link startstop with ew_nevent_message.o now
(edit) @5015   6 years paulf added new named event ring creation to startstop
(edit) @5014   6 years paulf test codes and working Named Event API done
(edit) @5013   6 years paulf cleaned up named event API
(edit) @5012   6 years paulf added new named event api to EW, needs testing still
(edit) @5011   6 years paulf added new named event api to EW, needs testing still
(edit) @5010   6 years paulf comment on loc_wcatwc upgrade to v986
(edit) @5009   6 years paulf updated loc_wcatwc to v986 of EarlyBird? SVN
(edit) @5008   6 years luetgert Fixed file input to make sure 'core' files ignored and deleted. -This …
(edit) @5007   6 years paulf Mm, Theta, Ms added from EarlyBird? to notes
(edit) @5006   6 years paulf added Theta from EarlyBird? to Earthworm for Unix compilation
(edit) @5005   6 years scott Changed "mismatch" message to only be generated at highest debug level
(edit) @5004   6 years paulf added MmNew? as Mm to Earthworm from Earlybird, this is from v986 of ATWC …
(edit) @5003   6 years paulf added Ms EarlyBird? module to Earthworm proper, compiles + runs on Linux …
(edit) @5002   6 years scott Added/updated version info
(edit) @5001   6 years scott Fixed SCN matching when reading TRACEBUF2 messages
(edit) @5000   6 years scott Fixed 2 bugs dealing with dis- & enabling things from config file
(edit) @4999   6 years scott Disabled recognition of EW_RSAM_ALARM messages if EW_RSAM_ALARM isn't …
(edit) @4998   6 years scott Added recognition of EW_RSAM_ALARM messages, as well as parameter for …
(edit) @4997   6 years paulf hyp2000 upgrade notes added for 1.38 version
(edit) @4996   6 years paulf upgraded hyp2000_mgr to 1.38 of hypoinverse, version number increased
(edit) @4995   6 years paulf and one more for 1.38 version
(edit) @4994   6 years paulf upgraded hyp2000 for fred klein version 1.38
(edit) @4993   6 years withers added sandia inst id
(edit) @4992   6 years paulf fixed QueueSize? and added Version to usage message
(edit) @4991   6 years scott Added command to override queue size
(edit) @4990   6 years quintiliani Added the following functions: CreateSpecificSemaphore_ew(), …
(edit) @4988   6 years quintiliani Added parameter 'seq' to the functions cpqueuering(), dequeuering() and …
(edit) @4987   6 years quintiliani Added functions cpqueuering(), dequeuering() and enqueuering(), in order …
(edit) @4986   6 years stefan test
(edit) @4985   6 years kohler One GPS com port timeout at South Fork, and then the program was restarted …
(edit) @4984   6 years quintiliani Mole poster available from
(edit) @4983   6 years quintiliani Compiling ew2moledb required 'cmake', then commented it in the archiving's …
(edit) @4982   6 years quintiliani notes on ew2moledb compiling
(edit) @4981   6 years quintiliani Added mole compilation in src/archiving/Makefile
(edit) @4980   6 years quintiliani Added main Mole makefile for Windows compilation
(edit) @4979   6 years quintiliani Set the MySQL include dir available within the EW dist
(edit) @4978   6 years quintiliani now, ew2moledb can be easily compiled also on windows
(edit) @4977   6 years paulf got eqassemble compiling under Windows....woo hoo, added it to Makefile …
(edit) @4976   6 years stefan added mysql directories to include path to allow compiling of ew2moledb
(edit) @4975   6 years stefan added some ifdefs for Windows
(edit) @4974   6 years paulf made eqassemble compile on windows
(edit) @4973   6 years paulf added in UseS for counts of phases
(edit) @4972   6 years paulf minor patch to is_component_horizontal() func
(edit) @4971   6 years paulf 1.0.9 version of binder_ew to fix culling quality check (as in, I didn't …
(edit) @4970   6 years quintiliani Moved server check error in the main loop for server list
(edit) @4969   6 years quintiliani Added call to WaveMsg2MakeLocal for trace buffer messages
(edit) @4968   6 years quintiliani Function host_fill_db.fn_fill_seisev() can be exectued only after the …
(edit) @4967   6 years quintiliani Fixed minor bug
(edit) @4966   6 years quintiliani Fixed web link to the Italian Earthquke Data Center
(edit) @4965   6 years quintiliani Updated nmxptool to the version 2.1.0 Main feature added is the capability …
(edit) @4964   6 years paulf cleaned up windows NT compile
(edit) @4963   6 years paulf patched pick_wcatwc from latest SVN release of EB
(edit) @4962   6 years quintiliani Supposed the windows library mysqlclient.lib is in …
(edit) @4961   6 years quintiliani Added directory lib under mysql-connector-c-build
(edit) @4960   6 years quintiliani Improvement to makefiles
(edit) @4959   6 years quintiliani Improvement to makefile.ux
(edit) @4958   6 years quintiliani Improvement to makefile.sol
(edit) @4957   6 years quintiliani Some fixes to makefiles for Unix and Solaris
(edit) @4956   6 years quintiliani Minor changes in README
(edit) @4955   6 years quintiliani Added other description to Mole README file
(edit) @4954   6 years quintiliani Added Mole makefiles for Solaris
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